Welcome November 2022!

November 11th Month on the Gregorian Calendar, is second to last month of the year. It is the last month of fall in the Northern Hemisphere, also the last of the four months with 30days. On the Romulus Calendar 750BC it was the ninth month, then named  ‘novem’ which in Latin means nine.  Topaz and Citrine are colours associated with this month.

Metaphysically November acts as season for us to re-evaluate and refocus, so that we might best realign ourselves. The number 11 represents intuition, and a higher level of consciousness as well and the end of a fall cycle, wherein, we can raise our inner vibrations, re-discover, and re-energize ourselves, to meet our best potentialities.

Here is a short list of November’s Special Days, National & International Awareness Days.


1          World Vegan Day 2022  UK/National Brush Day USA/All Saints Day

2          National Stress Awareness Day UK/All Souls Day UK

3            National Sandwich Day UK/National Men Make Dinner Day USA

4          Start of a five day National Spa Week

5          Guy Fawkes Night  – Bonfire Night

6          National Nachos Day USA/Saxophone Day

7          Start of International Stress Awareness Week/ Children Book Week  starts USA

8         International Day of Radiology/World Radiography Day

10        Remembrance Sunday UK

11          International Social Media Kindness Day/Armistice Day

11          Remembrance Day/Veterans’ Day

13         World KINDNESS DAY/start of American Education Week

14         World Diabetes Day/ Start a four day Anti-Bullying Week UK

14         World Nursery Rhyme Week/Road safety Week UK /Odd Socks Day

15         National Fast Food Day

16         World COPD Awareness Day/Book week Scotland/  Tolerance Day UK

17          World Peace day/World Prematurity Day

18         Children in Need Appeal UK/Apple Cider Day

19         International Men’s Day/World Toilet Day UK/National Adoption USA

20        Universal Children’s Day

21         World Television Day/World HELLO Day/FIFA World Cup 2022 starts

22         Ocean of Plastic Day (spotlight on plastic pollution)

23          National Adoption Day USA

24         Thanksgiving UAS/ Carers Rights Day UK

25         International Day for the Eradication of Violence against Women

25          Black Friday/16 Days of action against Domestic Violence Int’l

27          National Tree Week begins UK

30         St. Andrews Day UK

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