Dear Lord and Life, Governor and Keeper of all that is committed into Thy care, Master of thoughts wind, waves, The One-unique-verse, LIFE Itself,

Please on this 1st day of September 2023, by your sweet and most glorious, perfected, hallowed self, oh yes hallowed and never hollowed Self, reign. For in fullness you reign supreme, above as you do below, around as you are amidst, yeah, yes, you reign –  evenly purely, goodly, effectively, fully – always. Aww yes Blessed Always, at the centre core! In all of these wonder-full, excel-length,  awe-Full,  numberless names we call you, for indeed there are countless inaudible names, not yet written in this tiny man-fashioned vocabulary of ours.  I activate each of them and with pure intention pray,  intercede,  making my thoughts audible, to request your patronage, your attention, your presence, power and grace, your forgiveness and your guidance, my dear Lord, dearest law of the universe. Oh yes, I pray for your leading.

Lead and guide. Lead and guide us please, sweet Pacifier. Pacify, guide, and lead, and cause hearts to look to thee, to look to you to lead our ships, this mortal temple of ours, in the ways that lead us to good, to be good, and to do right, in our thoughts first of all.
Yes. Please, lead in this our mothership – of organs, and nerves. Fully cement, fix, afix your signature of goodness in our conscience, tune, and fine-tune us until the needle of our awareness and inner resolve is set to be, and to do good, is in direct likeness to thine own goodness, even as the long and short needle of a clock’s interface when perfectly aligned as one, strikes the midday and midnight gong, so in like manner, acutely atune us in likeness, until all, all our attention and awareness, is made conscious, of your goodness, as our very own! Until one is found in person alike, as was pre-destiny, pre-designed be good, so very, very, good.

May goodness rule, and overrule as necessary, our stubborn wills. to save us from wondering, and straying, into useless, wantings, longings, lustful, and yearnings.

Please, O please, attend our way, and as you do, let us awaken to this truth. And not only am I asking for your leader-ship and guidance, to the way, but to awaken in our awareness the liberating truth that you are the way, the peace we yearn for, the goodness we requrie, and the supply we need.

So, on this first day of September, rebirth us in our inhalation, on each breath, an acute awareness of goodness, possibility, joy, and  everlasting stream of opportunities. Let this, be so for me, and  everyone else, especially, for the youths and our elders. Releasing us from  bondages of ancestral pains.

Lead, and guide those in government offices,  and those with titles of leadership which entiltes them to make demands on those under their leadership to do good and to perform well, may they lead and guide having first been guided and led by goodness themselves. For it is only until leadership leads from an acute awareness of goodness within, can there be any peace at all, or safety on our streets. For it is only when goodness reigns supreme in wills, that destruction, pain, and loss shall cease.

As I started, dear Lord and Light, Governor and Master good, I commit these words, humbly asking you to lead guide and protect, throughout the rest of September. Amen and Thank you.

A Prayer for September was written and read by Reverend Dr Dawnecia Palmer aka #LadyDP #LadyP

Although it is the ninth month of the year the word september comes from a Latin word meaning “seven.” It is considered the first month of Autumn. Scriptually it is the first of the Fall Feasts, the Feast of Trumpets, and the Creation week. It is also represents completion, fulfillment, and spiritual transformation.




JUNE 2023

June Clipart Free Images Pictures Photos Wallpapers Download http://aibgp.com/june-clipart.html | Clip art, Free clip art, Emoji images

How quickly May came and went!

June, of brighter sunnier days, and longer lighter evenings.

It is the second of the shorter months with 30 days.

Pink rose | Copyright-free photo (by M. Vorel) | LibreShotJune was named after the Roman goddess Juno. It is taken from an archaic word luno meaning young, suggesting vitality, radiant energy, growth and fertility! As well as a strong connection to motherhood and femininity; it holds space for the patron parent Zeus here representing fatherhood, thus making it a month representing ‘Balance’ on the presentness of the mother and father. Fathers Day is celebrated this year on Sunday 18th June.

Pink FlowersIt has been known for young couple choosing this month to get married.  There are a few precious stones, plant, and flowers, associated with June. The stones are Alexandrite, moonstone, and  pearl. And strength and fertility of the oak, and the intoxicatingly beautiful scent of the honeysuckle and rose.

There are many interesting global days of awareness and celebrations ahead!   Below is a short list we created for you:


5         to the 11th Bike Week/Child Safety Week/Global Heart Rhythm Week

9        Smile Day/Candy Day

12       to 18th Mens’ Health Week

14        World Blood Donor Day

15        World  Elder Abuse Awareness day/Beer Day UK

16        World Refill Day

17        International Surfing Day/ Combat Desertification & Drought  Awareness Day

18        International Picnic Day

19        to 25th Rose Awareness Week/Refuge Awareness Week/Learning Disability Week

20        World Refugee Day/

21       World Music Day/ Global MND Awareness day/National Indigenous Peoples Day (Canada) National Peaches and Cream Day (USA), National Writing Day (UK)

21        Summer Solstice – longest day/International Yoga Day

23        International Women in Engineering Day/International Widows Day

24       World Sand Dune day

25        National Catfish Day (USA)/UN International Day in SuppVictims of Torture

26        to 30th World Wellbeing Week /International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

27        International Sunglasses Day/National PTSD Awareness Day

29        International Day of the Tropics

                          A PRAYER FOR JUNE

June Doodle Tropical - Free image on Pixabay - PixabayFor the joys of sunshine, I am grateful.
For the beauty of sea and sand, and all the vastness of nature in the great outdoors, I give thanks.
For open air celebrations, and fun activities planned around summertime this month, my soul rejoices.

2,854,252 June Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | ShutterstockIce-cream, pop-cycle, barbecues, picnics in the park, 
longer days, and cool evening walks, 
The beautiful mix of colours and smell of flowers, fills the air under the blanket of a clear blue sky,

June Stock Photos, Royalty Free June Images | DepositphotosFor all these and more, O so much more! I bless, appreciate, and give thanks. 

                          ~ #LadyDP

MARCH 2023

Here we are, arriving at the 3rd month of the New Year 2023, and it seems  but yesterday we were all celebrating the wonders of its beginning!

Now, as Spring approaches, there is an element of anticipation in the air,  darker days becoming lighter, a sign, and promise of  much warmer months ahead. Daffodils are already opening.  Young buds and tender shoots are also starting to pop up everywhere.

These are exciting times with many exciting events and celebratory days taking place, locally,  nationally, and Internationally. Below are a few reminder dates for you:


1      St David’s Day – Wales, UK/ Peanut Butter lovers Day  –  US

2      World Book Day, Old Stuff Day – UK / Employee Appreciation Day – US

3       World Day of Prayer

4      International HPV Awareness Day – human papillomavirus

6      Dentist’s Day -US/ Purim starts

7      National Cereal Day – US

8      International Women’s Day /National No Smoking Day – UK

9      World Kidney Day/International School Meals Day

12      Daylight saving – US

17      St Patrick’s Day/ World Sleep Day / Red Nose Day – UK

18      World Life Awareness Day/Global Recycling Day

19       Mother’s Day – UK

20       International Day of Happiness/National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness              Day/  World Oral Health Day

21       World Poetry Day/ International Day of Forests /World Down                                Syndrome Day/Shove Tuesday or Pancake Day

22      World water Day /Ash Wednesday/ Ramadan starts

23      World Meteorological Day /National Day of Reflection – UK

24      World TB Day /National Skipping Day

25      Functional Neurological Disorders  Awareness Day – UK

26     Purple Day – UK / British Summer times begins

27      World Theatre Day – UK

30      World Bipolar Day

31      Wear A Hat Day

A Prayer for March

~ by Lady Dawnecia Palmer

“Life as Light, in God, through goodness come to us, now. Lighting our days, and making clear the path for us to trod.

Moving from the dark of winter towards the brightness of Spring,  warm our hearts, still our fears, and delivers us from worry, hatred, blame, deceit, and many threatening dangers; which, oftentimes  blight our joy, hinder our peace, and disturb our rest.

As the new month of March begins, and planetary forces prepare to endorse environmental changes on our world;

Life as Light, ready us too, by stirring a deeper, keener awareness of what is possible, so that with open hearts and ready mind, allow your  kindness, love, and light, to fill our days and nights.

Let your brightness guide and lead, to heights of joy, and, unending realms of peace, till souls truly satisfied, in stillness rests. 

Amen. Ashay.”

January 2023: A Thought for the year ahead

As we enter the New Year, fresh hopes, opportunities, possibilities lies ahead for each of us. It is how we approach each day that makes a year great, or I should say, makes a great year.

So, in the upcoming days, weeks and months, I am suggesting that you reflect this thought, perhaps jotting them down somewhere for easy access, and then reciting them out aloud each day.  “I will approach all my days this year with hope and joy. I will try my best to see the good in everything and everyone.   I am responsible for my own happiness, and I endeavour to do so.  I choose gratitude over complaining, and peace over worry. “

Now, if you have just read the paragraph above, or better still, if you did as it suggested and owned the words as your own truth or wishes, then, I can assure you that you are already on route to a great year ahead!

2023 Affirmations Calendar available @ SoulLife Publishing House

I wish you Wellnessology, and success in all you do this year. May your days be ecstatic with hope.  And each week filled to bursting with amazing testimonials, so that by the time the year comes to an end, you will be able to join me in the  resounding joy-filled acclamation – “2023 has been a fabulous year for me!”


Reflections composed by Reverend Dr. Dawnecia Palmer,  Spiritual leader, LU Life Church - an open global spiritual community portal


Welcome to my blog page and to this glorious Month of December!

Why Is Christmas Celebrated on December 25? - HISTORY

It is one of the colder wintery months, yet one  in which hearts are warmed, indoors and outdoors spaces lit, vibrant colours red.. white ..  green .. and tinsel, carol singing, gifts buying and exchanging, scrumptious Christmas day dinners, and a generous spirit of celebration and cheer is found everywhere!

The Magic of Christmas | 21 December 2022 | Waterfront Hall

December, bring for us the Christmas Story, a baby boy is born to the Virgin Mary in a stable in the little Town of Bethlehem. And though this is a story told for centuries over, yet each year, the meaning seems fresh with hope for people across the globe. For in the Christmas Story the baby Jesus represents God’s love gift to humanity. LIFE’s gift of forgiveness, the promise of a home above, and on earth the hope of peace, and goodwill to all.

Below are several Activities and Awareness Days taking place around the World.


1      World Aids Day

2 -8 UK National Grift Awareness Week

5      World Soil Day/International Volunteer Day UN

7       International Civil Aviation Day

8      Bodhi Day

9      International Anti-Corruption Day

10     International Human rights Day/International Animal Rights Day

12     International Day of Neutrality (abstention from war between)

13     Hot Chocolate Day (UK)

18     Arabic Language Day/International Migrants Day

20     International Human Solidarity Day

21      Yule-Winter Solstice

23 – 30 Hanukkah

24      Midnight Mass

25     Christmas Day

26-30    Kwanzaa / Boxing Day (UK)

31     New Years Eve

A Prayer for December 

God of all months, days, and times
To Thee we ascribe thanks and praise for this and all our days past and to come. 
As we enjoy the festivities, gifts, and celebrations around this season of cheer, and whist we are very grateful, we are also mindful that there are those who are lonely, sad, broken, hungry, facing hardships and  sufferings in various ways; for these we pay strength and hope, love, deliverance, provision, and peace. 
We give thanks that it is so, and so it is. Amen and amen.  

                                        ~ Reverend Dr Dawnecia Palmer

Welcome November 2022!

November 11th Month on the Gregorian Calendar, is second to last month of the year. It is the last month of fall in the Northern Hemisphere, also the last of the four months with 30days. On the Romulus Calendar 750BC it was the ninth month, then named  ‘novem’ which in Latin means nine.  Topaz and Citrine are colours associated with this month.

Metaphysically November acts as season for us to re-evaluate and refocus, so that we might best realign ourselves. The number 11 represents intuition, and a higher level of consciousness as well and the end of a fall cycle, wherein, we can raise our inner vibrations, re-discover, and re-energize ourselves, to meet our best potentialities.

Here is a short list of November’s Special Days, National & International Awareness Days.


1          World Vegan Day 2022  UK/National Brush Day USA/All Saints Day

2          National Stress Awareness Day UK/All Souls Day UK

3            National Sandwich Day UK/National Men Make Dinner Day USA

4          Start of a five day National Spa Week

5          Guy Fawkes Night  – Bonfire Night

6          National Nachos Day USA/Saxophone Day

7          Start of International Stress Awareness Week/ Children Book Week  starts USA

8         International Day of Radiology/World Radiography Day

10        Remembrance Sunday UK

11          International Social Media Kindness Day/Armistice Day

11          Remembrance Day/Veterans’ Day

13         World KINDNESS DAY/start of American Education Week

14         World Diabetes Day/ Start a four day Anti-Bullying Week UK

14         World Nursery Rhyme Week/Road safety Week UK /Odd Socks Day

15         National Fast Food Day

16         World COPD Awareness Day/Book week Scotland/  Tolerance Day UK

17          World Peace day/World Prematurity Day

18         Children in Need Appeal UK/Apple Cider Day

19         International Men’s Day/World Toilet Day UK/National Adoption USA

20        Universal Children’s Day

21         World Television Day/World HELLO Day/FIFA World Cup 2022 starts

22         Ocean of Plastic Day (spotlight on plastic pollution)

23          National Adoption Day USA

24         Thanksgiving UAS/ Carers Rights Day UK

25         International Day for the Eradication of Violence against Women

25          Black Friday/16 Days of action against Domestic Violence Int’l

27          National Tree Week begins UK

30         St. Andrews Day UK

OCTOBER: Special Days, Holidays, and International Awareness Days

October, wetter cooler days and nights, yet a time we get to once again behold the beautiful fall of  multi-coloured  autumn leaves on the ground.

October tenth month of the year, comes from an old Latin word Octo which literally translates eight, was the eight month in the old Calendar of Romulus c..750 B C. It was also called Winterfylleth by the Saxons, meaning fullness of winter, as it sets us up in preparation for the colder, darker months ahead.

Colours associated with October are opal and tourmaline.

Metaphysically October is a time for spirit soul body balance, to set a higher, more conscious intention, on how we wish to show up and express on the planet, and within the sphere of our day to day experiences.

Below is a short listing of a few Awareness Days and Events taking place over the course of the month, nationally and Globally.

1       Coffee Day

2       Grandparents Day UK

4        Yom Kippur + 1 day

5       World Smile Day/World Teachers Day

9       Sukkot + 7 days

10      World Mental Health Day/Columbus Day USA/Native American day

12       International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction

13       World Sight Day

15        World Singing Day & World Sweetest Day USA

16        World Food Day

17         World Child Poverty Day/International Eradication of Poverty Day

21        Trafalgar Day UK

24       United Nations day

25       Diwali/World Opera Day

30       British Summertime Ends

31        Halloween


September 2022

September 7th or 9th month? September has as its base Septem meaning seven in Latin. Seven representing heavenly and divine. Later it became the 9th month when two months were added to the then Calendar. Nine representing wisdom and a season of vast possibilities. Nine letters in its name!

Sapphire Meaning, Powers and History September The deep blue tone of sapphire its colour!

Perfect September Quotes for 2022 | Routinely NomadicSeptember  ending of the warm months and the beginning towards the much cooler. A change in seasons and therefore energies as well. O how we needs refresh ourselves, revitalizes our energies. As we allow what has served its time to fall,  we give space to shed,  reassess, and revitalise.

Still September - The Mortimer Arms Paultons Park New ForestSeptember 2022, what is certain is that you are alive and a part of it, and this make for a great celebration!  Another thing that is certain, is that each day is absolutely unique; it has never been here before, and never shall be again! So live and enjoy each day with glee, and celebration, with gratitude of heart and thanksgiving  etched in your soul.  May it be for you a Happy, happy September each and everyday!!!  written by ~ Lady Dawnecia Palmer