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From my first encounter with Rev Palmer and Breathology I knew deep down that this would help me and it was what my soul and body was searching for in a quest to heal. I was not disappointed.I was diagnosed with a paralysed right diaphragm and researched that breathing exercises would help me so Breathology seemed like the answer.
I got more than proper breathing exercises from joining LifeU, I got a new lease on life, I got answers to many of life’s challenges and coping mechanisms that would remain with me throughout the rest of my experience on earth as LIFE experiences itself through me.
I moved from focusing on dis-ease to focusing on wellbeing. I moved from questions to answers, from challenges to solutions.
I have learnt so very much and I thank Rev Palmer for answering, obeying and following LIFE’s call for her earth experience.   I have absolutely no hesitation in encouraging everyone to attend LifeU and learn about your body, spirit and soul. These courses should be standard in schools at primary, secondary, college and six form straight through to University because with an understanding of yourself and LIFE like this you will only excel. I am sorry that I never discovered this earlier in my experience but I am grateful that I found it now.

Margaret Dillon. 63 year old Accountant. London. UK


My name is Shuanna-lee Samuel, I am a Mother to 2 Beautiful girls, and I’m from Bristol U.K.

It has been an absolute pleasure and privilege to be a student on the LIFE University LU Life Class.
When I look back to where I was a few years ago, to where i am now… all I can say is ‘Transformation’✨😊

I have learnt So much.. from the Importance of Soul Health, for Overall Health and Wellbeing, Conscious Awareness, Scientific Insights, the Importance of Understanding how our organ’s function..One of the highlights for me, has been ‘Breathology’..i have learnt how to breathe Appreciate My Breath is LIFE, LIFE is Breath.. Breathing Me✨. .what a phenomenon, I will never take My Breath for granted again ..23,040 breaths a day✨

Our classes are always jam-packed with interesting and challenging insights, giving me the skills and tools to use as i navigate my journey.

These classes have transformed my mindset.. causing me to become Consciously Aware and able to operate on a higher frequency. Also to become the Best Mother I can be to my 2 girls.

I would absolutely recommend this Course to All, you too can experience Total Transformation😊✨

I’d like to Thank My Dear Tutor Rev Palmer, for her tireless hours of Exemplary and the highest quality of teaching, patience, support, and Encouragement. My deepest Gratitude for sharing your Gift and Awareness with us.

Shuanna-lee Samuel, Assistant School Teacher. Artist, singer, song writer. Entrepreneur. Bristol. UK



‘ I have found the Course really helpful and encouraging with great feedback.  It has a friendly student environment, with good interactions and encouragement from each other’

Marion, Retired. Bristol.  UK.


Elvis Joojo Amoah
Accra -Ghana,Africa.

To start with I really must commend Rev.Palmer and the whole LifeU community for embracing me and transforming my ways of life from worry to contentment.
I have been on a scholarship throughout the class and I am grateful for the knowledge and realizations acquired so far,the practice of This knowledge is important as kind courtesy LifeU church I have been able to set up my foundation have benefited so much by simply joining this class .
Glad to have met each and everyone of you .
I’d choose you guys in another life. Bless you.🍾


‘It was good to resume Classes after our long vacation and it is exciting going forward’.

David W Williams. Bristol. UK


‘Love, love the course, it has really opened my mind. I would very much encourage anyone from any walk of life considering a mindfulness course to take this course, it helps in ways you would never have realized.’

Stephen Rapper, Mogul Award winner.  Radio Presenter. Bristol. UK


‘You get a peaceful feeling. I enjoy the simplicity yet depth of the course, the stuff  I learned about like water and breathing, and all other the things we usually take for granted. I just want to live gratefully.  I am looking to gain more awareness and gratitude for life and everything.’ – Josh, Bristol. UK.