On the 18th of May 2019 Life Universecity LC launched its JDFoundation. The Faculty and Regents of LifeUand JDF team members have been particularly excited about the future of the project.

For the next stage, we will be seeking a Royal Patronage for our Cause. He or she will be someone who shares our passion to support Limb-loss and Disfigured individuals and their families as well as support for building a strong and resourceful LULC Alumni resource. This will be a major encouragement in raising awareness and boosting morals.

Signed by HLS Lady Dwanecia Palmer
Chief Executive Life Universecity JDFoundation Fund
– June 2019

LAUNCH DAY 18th May 2018

We had around 20 people in attendance on the day. The event was a follow on from the Class of 2019 Graduation Ceremony and Reception.
The inset picture shows the recipients of our first JDF Alumni funding.
We collected $125 on the day and donated the funds to Posthumus Alumni Dwayne Williams (aka ‘JD’) family

Photograph of Our launch day
Inset pic: far right is Shinya the youngest of hs three children, kneeling his brother Micheal, far left ‘Bubbly’ Mother of his children) This will go towards a dayout we arranged for the family with virtual reality sessions with one of LULC student in town and a family lunch.
Photograph of Our launch day


Meet the team
In the News
Heroes Wall
Viewpoint – with Interviews
JDF Fundraiser Ambassador
Become a Member
Disfigured Awareness
Behind the scenes
What’s On
How you can help to raise money for our Fund and other Limb-loss and Disfigured Services
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    1. Hi Micheal Williams,
      Thank you so much for your kind words of appreciation. This Project means a lot to us here at Life U. We are currently in the early stages of our work and will be adding more pages of our upcoming events, activities and services, and our ongoing awareness and support around the Limbloss and Disfigured. Please do keep following our progress and please keep on encouraging as well as sharing our vision with those in your sphere of influence.
      Wishing you a blessed and pleasant day.

      Admin, JDFoundation

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