A cool PROMISE for 2022

Let us tippy-toe gracefully into this new year 2022. It is full to overflowing, bursting with lovely goodies.

To each is the promise of grace, overcoming opportunities, successes, victories, delights and much laughter.

With such lush promises we may feel to take our ease but, No, it is exactly the opposite that is required of you.

You already know the outcome, but be also aware that there will be bridges you must cross, lakes to paddle through, storms to weather, and mountains to climb.

However the promise remains true, the year is overflowing to bursting with successes, victories, delights and laughter for you. So never give in nor give up. But, seize your setbacks or moments of trials, as the very overcoming opportunities you need as your ladder to victory. Then climb high, and soar to heights of possibility!  Remember: ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

~ Written by Lady Dawnecia Palmer, 2022

Wishing you a lavish NEW YEAR!

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  1. Very pleased with my order..and good customer service.. order was delayed.. guess due to the Christmas rush.. so got a message to let me know with a follow up to see if I had received them

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