SoulLife Publishing House is dedicated to helping create transformation, and delight for our world today, helping people from all walks of life, and of any ability, to develop holistically, mentally, physically, soulictically, and spiritually.

SoulLife Publishing House will enable an equal playing field for educated and uneducated authors, to explore and express their thoughts, arts, and various points of views to enlighten, awake, inspire, support, educate, motivate and transform.

The Call

Lady Dawnecia Palmer is the visionary for SoulLife Publishing House.  She is well known for her tireless involvement helping marginalised people, supporting them to use their often hidden gifts and talents to express and develop themselves, and experience the life they had only dreamed. She has created hundreds of self-empowerment projects for people across the world, spanning 33 years. LadyP believes in a philosophy which she lives and teaches, which simply says, “Within each person is a spark of the Divine waiting to express, and experience Itself.”

Lady Palmer has written several unpublished books, which will be published here over the coming months, along with a line-up of newbies, some as young as nine and ten years of age, and an interesting selection of genre. By creating this platform, she hopes to reach and uplift people from all walks of life, across the world.

What will Soul Life Publishing House Offer

SoulLife Publishing House will produce books in print, electronic, and audio format, as well as life-empowering affirmations cards decks, Calendars, Music, and Courses. The Genre which will be added to as time goes, range from self-help development and empowerment, spirituality, soul health and wellness, grief and loss, recipes and cooking, children and teen books, fashion and hair,  gardening, romance, ageing and death, and historical fiction. SoulLife Publishing aim to offer a wide collection of healing modalities, motivational, and practical resources in various media.

OPPORTUNITIES There will be opportunity to access transformational online courses, and information about motivational self-improvement events taking place around the world.

AMATHEA BOOKS is the self-publishing arm of SoulLife Publishing  House, to assist writers and unpublished newbies offer their thoughts and gifts to the world.

SoulLife Publishing supports the ethos ALL LIVES MATTERS, Black Lives Matter,  therefore it is committed to Equity and Justice for all, by creating this platform as a level field for the voiceless, marginalised, limb-loss, disfigured, illiterate, people a prison record, and the elderly, to produce and share positive messages to help those going through similar situations or circumstances to evolve, grow and change.

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As you browse our pages we hope that you will find something that will bliss you, enhance and benefit your life, unleash your own incredible genius, and perhaps produce a book or two of your own.

Thank you for visiting with us today.