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Soul Health Education & TRANSFORM NOW Soul Health Clinic for Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing

Blessings, blessings, blessings.

The summer holidays are almost over and The Life Universecity Life 2017 Classes are due to start soon.

At our Soul Enrichment Seminar back in March, it was announced that LULC would be running new Courses, to follow up on the Topics briefly introduced then. The Topics presented were as follows: –

  • Introduction to The Magnificent Way Principle. An incredible cutting-edge methodology scientifically tested and proven to eliminate physical and emotional pain. Expands awareness, builds capacity to reach one’s fullest potential, to feel well, and to experience magnificence as life every day.
  • A brief overview of ‘The Soul’ and the Spiritual Codecs for achieving and maintaining Soul Health. Introduction to The Soul Clinic Mirrorwork Therapy, and how to apply it alongside the Magnificent Way Principle to transcend, overcome and Transmute doubt, fear, lack, and limitation.
  • A short presentation on Personal Development and Self- Empowerment healing the Post-traumatic Enslavement Mentality Syndrome, by looking at some behavioural issues, around race, colour, gender, religion, and status, and unmasking historical spiritual and misplaced scientific misconceptions around enslavement, which over time has grossly affected our human dignity, and development, and still dictates and impact the society in which we presently live, work & worship.

For our upcoming Life Course, students will learn the powerful brand new concept of LULCs Alphabetin addition to in-depth studies on the above topics. The Spiritual wisdom behind LULC’s amazing Alphabet will create an understanding of language which produces an internal culture of prevailing goodness, beauty, wholeness, opulence, and well-being. It is an absolutely fantastic, beautiful new way, of seeing, speaking, and understanding living words with their new meanings, brilliant for building self-esteem, and consciously maintaining a positive outlook on life.

The Life Universecity Life Class (LULC) is due to start the *New Course Saturday 15th October 2015. The curriculum combines all the above topics. The Course consists of a 12 x 1hr 30 minutes class and is set to run over a 15 month period from October 2016 to Dec 2017. Classroom tuitions are held one Saturday per month from 12.15 pm to 1.30 pm at The Old Fishponds Library, Fishponds Road, Bristol, BS16 3UH. It is the pretty light-blue building directly across the road from Morrison. Buses 48/48a/49 & 47 stops just outside.

The course is split over 3 Terms:  2016 [Oct 15, Nov 5, Dec 3] 2017 [Mar 4, Apr 1, May 6, Jun 3]    2017 [Sept2, Oct 14, Nov 4, Dec 2] with a Winter Break and a Summer Break of 8 weeks. These long Breaks are a useful time for students to concentrate on tutor-directed revisions, the chance to further put theoretical knowledge into practice, and time to build a portfolio of work for submission towards their end-of-term BU/HSC Certificates.

At the End of the First Course, students will receive the Life Universecity LC Course Completion & Basic Understanding of The Magnificent Way Certification with the opportunity to sit an Examination with Accreditation. Credits can be put towards tuition fees of The Magnificent Way Higher Studies Course.

TMW Higher Studies Course consists of 12 x classroom tuition, on-site training allowing students to show their own written PowerPoint presentation in front of the class, a 1000 worded Essay Style Scenario incorporating all topics so that it is informative, administrative, and demonstrative. By the end of the course, the student must show that they have attained more than a basic level of understanding by at least one personal testimony of a permanent shift exceeding a 6 month period. On completion, the student receives the Life Universecity LC Completion HSC Award Certificate in a lavish Graduation Ceremony, to which students’ family members and friends are welcome to attend. There is a small charge for the Certificates. All LULC Certificates are all beautifully designed and fashionably framed.

The Magnificent Way Practitioner Studies Diploma is offered upon completion of both The Basic Understanding of the Magnificent Way Certificate and The Magnificent Way Higher Studies Award. Successful applications for this Course depend on the discretion of the Principal, assessment of the potential student’s own prowess and proficiency of TMW Principle, and LULC Issuing Standards.

A fully certified LULC Practitioner of The Magnificent Way has the capacity, tools, and expertise to earn a lucrative livelihood teaching the Principle. They are equipped to start up their own clinic or surgery, running regular meetings and conferences, or as a collaborative consultant with other Health and Wellness bodies: the possibilities are endless.  N.B Alumni, Post-Course Support will be available.

Courses are constantly updated as new ideas are ever-evolving in the Eternal so that students are kept in the know of the Here ‘Presence’ and Now ‘Present’.

Suggested Donation/ Tuition Fees.  We all need a treat from time to time and this is one of the best, most profitable BONUS TREAT you could give to yourself at this time. These teachings are priceless information at the lowest suggestions charged anywhere in the world for a Spiritual Studies Course of this caliber.

We are asking for a Suggested donation and Tuition fee of £144.00 combined, for the 12 weeks course, which is ONLY £12 per Class!  You have the option to either pay the lump sum upfront or to pay by instalments at Term or by each class attendance.

DISCOUNT *If you sign up someone else alongside yourself, you and your Guest will get a £5.00 off voucher for the class attending that day

Please Note   For those who had a 10% Voucher at the Soul Enrichment Seminar in March, please note that you have £14.00 off the total price, this means that you can attend the first class for FREE with £2.00 credit towards your next class. Please also note that we have added two extra classes.

Enrolment policy

Pre-enrolment is preferable, please use the Contact Us tab found on the Universecity LC Page of the Website or Email: or Tel: 07508390298

To speak with the Admins Registrar.  LULC does allow a rolling enrolment policy where new students can enrol to attend classes after the Term starts, but they do so with the clear understanding that 70% of the Course is classroom tuition and 20 %class integration. Late students may pay for back copies of Classes missed, but please be aware that joining the Course midway does affect the levels of the spiritual growth, healing, and conscious transformation a student should expect to achieve, and it will also have an impact on their eligibility for the Course Completion Certification and Credits.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Launch of our first Life Universecity Life Class in Bristol. We are now open for inquiries and enrolment bookings on Telephone 075 083 90298. Remember, there is an early bird discount!!!

I am excited about the glorious possibilities and really looking forward to receiving your sign-me-up responses, ASAP, please.

Peace and Blessings.

Rev Palmer

Reverend Dawnecia Palmer is the Principal of Life Universecity LC. Life Alchemist and Soul Doctor at Transform NOW Soul Health Clinic. Teacher and Practitioner of The Magnificent way Principle and Author of The Magnificent Life. Ms. Palmer is also a UN NGO Peace advocate and founder of Peacemakers Prayer Patrol a global service project, helping to reduce crime and building better safer communities.

Soul Fitness: Obliterate mood swings, Manage Chronic Fatigue, and Knockout depression!!

Spiritual Liberation: Personal Development and Self- Empowerment healing Post-traumatic Enslavement Mentality Syndrome

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