Welcome APRIL!

Each Month bring its own unique joys, wonders, and special dates for us to remember and celebrate. April is however a ‘special’ as it opens up buds to flowers, blooms which have been hibernating now unfold, vibrate colours, intoxicating fragrances fill the air, in this season, we name Spring!  Spring the Season of freshness, and new beginnings.

April comes from word Latin “Aperire” means To Open. It is the first of the brighter Months, beginning of Spring, first of the two “A” months in the year, as well the first of four 30 days Month.

April’s child

“Persons born in April is said to be very energetic and active. They have a great love for food, reading and travel. April folk laugh, and being full of life, they are fun to be around.  Queen Elizabeth II and Shakespeare share this birthday. Some say is sacred to goddess Venus.”

Special  Events & Awareness Days  

 1     International Children Book Day
2     Start of Ramadan/world Autism Day
7     World Health Day
15    Good Friday/World Art Day
16   1st PEACEMAKERS Global Peace Meditation Mile Walk
17    Easter
18    World Heritage day
22    International Mother Earth Day
23    St Georges Day/World Book & Copyright Day
27    National Freedom Day South Africa/ International Guide Dog         day
30    International Jazz Day

A Prayer for April

Lord of Love, Lord of Light, Lord that is Life, and Life Lord

In this Season of new  ‘Openings’

Open afresh for us, new opportunities,

And chance, to bloom, and flower.

Water us, with the sweet fragrance of Presence 

So that we may spring up once more,

Fully alive, full of vigour, full of Praise!

This, my April Prayer. Amen. Ameen. Ashay.

~ written by Reverend Dr Dawnecia Palmer

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