MAY: A time of Hope.


For me, May means Hope. May is a time for HOPE, and HOPE makes one unashamed.” – Quote by Reverend Dawnecia Palmer

How these words sink into the very depth of the soul, filling all empty spaces with this glorious entity call HOPE. Here is the entry way to eternal rest. This was the promise of Jesus, the Christ to the world then. But for us today, in the twenty-first century, this still rings true for us, we do find our rest in HOPE.

HOPE: Heaven’s Open Promise on Earth. In hope and through hope we have access to things eternal. And this is the peace. This is the rest. Right here and right now.

In this fifth month of each year, just before the half way stage, we get this stark reminder, as the month May. You may, I may, we may. It is possible. All things are possible to those who believe. It has been said, Take a leap of faith into the dark unknown. But I say to you today, Jump! Go ahead, take a leap of faith into the light of all-knowingness, into all goodness, which is already there within you.”

This is the shift that takes place when one chooses to let go of their what ifs and their incessant buts to enter into the glorious state of YES May, is the word that works on the subconscious levels to bring us the reality we are seeking. It is ok to say Yes, and the truth is, that you will never know until you do.

After much meditation on the idea of May as Hope, a
whole new realm opened up to me. It is significant that it is the fifth month. Five is significant on many fronts, examples: we speak about five senses of the body sight, hearing, smell, taste, and feeling. The five fingers of the hand. And five toes for the feet. I take in consideration and celebration those born without the full use of these faculties. There are also the five Elements of nature – Earth, air, water, fire, and ether or Air, fire, water, wood and metal.


In this way of seeing, and revealing, May then becomes a wonderful word of hope, a shift, spring time as grace, an unpredictable action, to spontaneous adventures.




Reverend Dawnecia Palmer, Life Alchemist and Soul Doctor, with The Soul Clinic Life Universecity LC


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