Magnificent IS

“Before ever there was, IS”. Does this quote sound strange to you? I would ask that you ponder this sentence. But, first, please Be still. Please do not assume that by still I mean to be quiet. I mean that you Stop. Just stop. And in the stop, defunct judgment, fear, worry,

Please do not assume that by still I mean to be quiet. I mean that you Stop. Just stop. And in the stop, defunct judgment, fear, worry, analysis, and decision. O how the surface mind loves to wonder, rummaging through its vast library of images. But if you could find that one second of the stop, time is halted and you are instantly immersed within the stillness of Beingness.

At first it will appear that you are an observer. As if you are one looking on, still a little on the edge of yourself, not quite in but not completely apart. If this is your first time and you are new to ‘stop’ or ‘present’, it is common to experience some fear arising, and maybe, also a feeling that you are you are being opened up to something new. And that is it, exactly that you are be-coming. It is the fear of the new that scares us most. The dark unknown.  This misconception has kept generations asleep, blinded, hungry, mean, and basically living from the ego, in a restricted confined zone.

As you let go, and allow the stillness, as a watcher at first, you become aware of your breathing. Try to listen to your breathing in and out. Then follow it in gently with complete trust, and on the exhale with absolute gratitude. After doing this a few times and you will find that a smile begins enveloping your entire spaciousness or awareness.

It is during your awareness of living that you are truly alive. This is the most profound statement for us to remember. A society with its wants and demands distracts our attention from Being present or at the stop, where life IS. We are at the stop in sleep and life has a greater opportunity to breathe and repair us.

This is something no scientist can give.  No spiritual teacher. No parent. No doctor. Nothing and Noone. This is because this IS, is outside of time. It was before time. This Life as itself is Magnificent, sufficient, having no questions nor need nor god. Yet in God as God the beingness or the beginning and living expression and manifestation of All. This truth is shrouded in our DNA and is discovered and unleashed through our continual spiritual practice and awareness to Life.

A wonderful example of this and one I admire greatly is one Jesus. He was a person who emanated the Christ character and said to be the Messenger of Life. During the period of his physical life on this planet, he understood, taught and demonstrated this mystical truth as his beingness. He identified the full extent of oneness by written testimonials of his conversations with self, food, water, fish, death, trees, animals, and strangers. In fact, it is quoted that he referred to himself as being IN beginning and from a time before his legal ancestors.  What is interesting is that he further taught that this is the truth about of life for everyone.

Abundant Life or Magnificent Life IS.

– written by Reverend Dawnecia Palmer 2016


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