June is HERE!

As we welcome June with glee, the stalk realization that we are already at the half-way point in the year! How quickly time is passing us by, we hardly get through a single day list of chores,  must do’s  and should do’s before the other is upon us!

June, the beginning month to Summer 2022, I am totally excited, and looking forward to sun, and sea, swim and sand, and picnics in the park!

Here below are a few June events, National, and International Special Days


1      World Milk Day

3       World Bicycle Day

5      World Environment Day

7       World Caring Day

12      World Day Against Child labour

14       World Blood Donor Day

15      Magna Carta Day

18      International Picnic Day

19      /Father’s Day World Sickle Cell Day

20       World Refuge Day

21        International T-Shirt Day – First Day of Summer 2022/World                               Music Day, World Peace & Prayer Day

23      International Olympics Day

26      International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

Happy June! Stay Safe!!




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