2017 New Year’s Message

May Magnificence find an open sign at your soul’s door and may on entering in finds a welcome, and on dwelling there find a fully surrendered attendant, a humble steward, an open heart.

Image result for new year 2017No gold, diamonds nor pearls can compare to the strength, power, affluence, and influence, of the most powerful thing on above and beneath the earth… Life … and It is available and accessible to you in every breath.  May you become so conscious of your life, in each breath you inhale, for there you will find Magnificence, the life of God.

And that dear one is the supermagnifabulocious way to enjoy health and vitality, peace and love, abundance and favor in 2017.

Peace and Blessings to you, your household and all you do.

Reverend Dawnecia Palmer

4 thoughts on “2017 New Year’s Message”

  1. I have attended the life univercity classes from day one with a close friend of mine, who in my opinion needed a pick me up / fresh perspective on life and niether of us have been disappointed. I wholly subscribe to the teaching. I found the course to be liberating, engaging and educational. Rev has put a lot of effort into the subject matter. The class involvement is good and the food for thought is so useful in everyday life. I’m very excited about the upcoming classes this year, as I believe that I can grow further from the teachings. I would strongly recommend anybody who is mindful and considerate of their overall wellbeing, be it their soul or physical self to join up and I look forward to seeing you there. Bless! DWW

    1. Blessings DWW

      I am so glad to hear your interests and comments, and how the Classes have impacted your learning. I am sure that your encouraging comments will encourage already participating students as well to provide positive student feedback for interested visitors to the Life Universecity’s website.

      Wishing you the best of soul health, overall wellness and ongoing success for the rest of the term.


      HL Rev D Palmer
      Life Universecity LC

  2. Supermagnifabulous….i love this word..I have definately become a lot more conscious of each breath I inhale….I am a Student at Life Universecity LC,I have been attending from the Courses start Oct 2016…I have learnt So many interesting and sustainable things already…what’s Great is that I’ve been able to put what I’ve learnt into practice,in everyday situations and circumstances…it Really works…I’m looking forward to the next class in March and I would encourage anyone considering it to definately enroll,Really is MAGNIFICENT

    1. It great to hear your feedback Shuannalee. It is also encouraging to know that the Course has had such a positive influence in your day to day life experiences, and its sustainable effects. This is wonderful feedback, and we are wishing you the very best as you continue your studies and journey into magnificence. Namaste.

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