Soul Enrichment Seminar Feedback

Attendance was fair and expectations high for Bristol’s first Soul Enrichment Seminar held on 19th March 2016 at the Junction 3 Library and Learning Center. It was a good mix in terms of age and nationality and a balance of both sexes.


(PHOTO INSET – Reception & registration area – students gather before the Class)

Video 1.  Delegate interview before the seminar
Shuanna seminar pic LULC Conference5
“The Breath” Theme song performed by Artist/Songwriter Mrs. Shuanna-lee Samuel


Video 2.  Short Clip with the Reverend Palmer - The Magnificent Way Life Class


 Video 3. Delegate Interview after The Seminar






2 thoughts on “Soul Enrichment Seminar Feedback”

  1. So Great to be able to feed back on the Magnificent Way Life class soul Enrichment Seminar,which I attended on 19th March in Bristol.Wow…where do i start..what an Amazing Semimar…a Real wealth of Life Changing words and Transformational tools.The Key note Speaker Rev Dawnecia Palmer, was absolutely Inspirational.She spoke with such passion and knowledge,you did’nt want to miss a minute…i learnt and took in so much.I will now endevour to,look with the eyes of Magnificence and Experience my Magnificence Every day…….Supermagnifabulous

    1. Magnificent Shuanna-lee Samuel! Thank you for attending Life Universecity Soul Enrichment Seminar/Magnificent Way Life Class. Thank you too for your warm your comments. It is indeed Supermagnifabulocious to decern that a shift has taken place for you as a result of your attendance. I detect a wonderful tonality of transformation going on with you, and trust that you will continue to engage the Principles learned, as part of your daily spiritual practice. Please also remember to take advantage of the early bird discount, by enrolling before September for Life Universecity’s 10 week Life Classes. Peace and Dynamic Blessings to you and yours. Reverend Palmer

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