LIFE UNIVERSECITY LC Course Syllabus February – August 2024

LIFE UNIVERSECITY LC Course Syllabus February 2024 to August 2024 

Course Overview


Rev Dr Dawnecia Palmer


Soul Health Education for Personal development and The Soul Health Clinic using the modality of The Magnificent Way principles, to awaken one’s inner capacity to realise, attain and maintain a healthy soul, emotional wholeness, and physical wellbeing.


+44 07508390298


Online Class, class integration, personal practise, feedback, homework & Exams


Office Location

Old Fishponds Library ,  Fishponds Road. Bristol. B16 3HU


  • To discover the infinite, limitless potential to live magnificent lives every day.
  • Learn cutting edge techniques to expand one’s capacity to manage and ease physical and emotional pain. Learn how thoughts affect our cells and genes and impact our actions.
  • To acquire the wisdom, understanding and confidence to face difficult situations, transcend, overcome, and transmute doubt, fear, lack, and limitation.
  • And obtain the necessary skills and tools to enable better decisions and right choices.

Course materials                     Handouts/selected texts

Required Qualifications         N/A: for one-off attendances| To Graduate: BA Hons or DipHE BTEC

Course Schedule:                     Graduate Year| Practitioner Core (Level 5) 7th Oct 23  to 26th July 25   

Class, Activities, and Retreat Subjects

Classes 2024                  3rd  February  2nd March   6th April   4th May   1st June   6th  July 2024

Feb 3rd                               Deciphering the web of Delusion and Hallucinations through the fine mesh   of Spiritual Discernment, Intuition and LIVE Visioning.

March 2nd                         Handling Sciatica Pain – using TMW Principle

April 6th                             Colour Therapy & Auras

May  4th                             Shadow Work – healing invisible wounds – Elixir to clear the immune system

June 8th                             Quantum Entanglement :interconnectivity/empathy/compassion/wellness

July (date to be announced)    RETREAT  TOPIC: Reclamation! Learn the secrets of The Genesis Code,

re-entering Eden, and spiritual impunity.

August                              ** Summer Break – Happy HOLIDAYS **


** NB Homework Policy: Tutor-directed research with written work handed in, gains points towards exam resultsUndergraduate Pre-Exam & Exam Schedule: Recap Sat 6th June 2025|Exam 8th-10th June 2025| Results: Sat 12th July 2025 | Graduation Ceremony: Sat 26h July 2025

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