This concept of the Magnificent Way awareness of peoples’ intrinsic sameness in life, opposes the idea that could be separation or opposite values in each person’s breath. It is an individual’s awareness that creates enablement. This truth when embraced has been proven to bring healing, liberation, empowerment.

The fear of separation from the source is something people all over the world have struggles with for generations. It is this very idea of separation, and the illusion that there are inequality in LIFE, that has been, and is very much to our day, the root of divisions, cause for religious biases, suffering, and world wars.

Having a keen awareness of inclusivity liberates people from mental and social slavery. As more and more people associate with oneness and alikeness, we are able to better come together, thus creating a global synergy, multiplying good, boosting the vibrational field of the planet, which, will have profound effect on everyone, everything everywhere.

Life Awareness Day the magnificent way creates harmony, opportunity, space and time, for internal peace, and an identity with all that is.

WORLD LIFE AWARENESS DAY is the perfect reason to pay attention, to appreciate, and to be grateful for being alive! To be aware of the power of LIFE in breath living and breathing our bodies. It is a great way to evaluate and prioritise what really matter, by recognising that this ‘unified life’ matters, and creating an Awareness and Celebration for all life everywhere, in everyone, and everything!

WHAT ARE THE COLOURS FOR WORLD LIFE AWARENESS DAY LOGO, AND WHAT DO THEY REPRESENT? The colours for World Life Awareness  Day Logo are Green, Yellow, and Blue. Yellow signifies joy, happiness, friendship, and hope. Green represents nature, the environment, fertility, generosity, and service. Blue: peace, harmony, unity, and trust.

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  1. Focusing attention to the breath

    Focusing attention on the breath in and out with a deep sense of gratitude for its automatic givingness helps to create calm and emotional wellbeing.

  2. Show appreciation

    Invite family or friends to celebrate the day with you doing stuff you enjoy. Take it as a day off each year as part of your vacation days. Pamper yourself. Visit to your favourite place for tea. Reading that book you have been meaning to.

  3. Decorate home or office

    Using the colours Yellow, Green and Blue decorate your home inside and out. Some ideas are putting up balloons, garlands, banners, window buntings, or using flowers, ribbons, etc to create a centre piece for the dining table, or lounge.

A Few Interesting Facts about MAGNIFICENT

‘MAGNIFICENT’ meaning from Old French, Latin and Greek to now

  • The word Magnificent originate early 15c.; to mean in a splendid manner, then around mid-15c., from Old French to mean exalted, glorious, great in actions or deeds.
  • From Latin magnificentior to mean great in deeds, elevated, noble, distinguished, literally meaning doing great deeds, And from Latin magnus meaning great, large, much, abundant, characterized by grandeur.
  • By 1704 it was used as an exclamation expressing enthusiastic admiration. Today magnificent is described as something that is exceptional or amazing in appearance.

Other links  found in the Sanskrit mahat- great,  mazah- greatness;  Greek megas  – great, large; Scriptures  – whatever is pleasing in the thought, beautiful in the expression and agreeable.

Etymology entries linking to Magnificent are majesty, magnify, magnitude, mighty, certify, effect, efficient, fashion, affect, benefit, affection, perfect, verify, qualify, proficient, edify

  1. MAGNIFICENT can be good for Health

    Magnificent thoughts create an environment for health to thrive, releases the Serotonin hormone key for staving off anxiety and depression, increases awareness,  help us feel better about how we perceive ourselves, others, and the world.

  2. MAGNIFICIENT Mention in Music

    U2 popular Pop band made it to no.42 in the UK Singles Charts with their song Magnificent in 2009

  3.  Magnificent Time

    Is there such a time as Magnificent time? According to singer Travis A Magnificent Time is when we stop wasting time, pack up and throw away sorrows, and seize the day.


  1. It stresses the awareness that the One Unified Field, we call Source, Love, Life, God, is life in everyone and everything.

    As strange as it sounds, unity is a fantastic way to release stress. In other words, by expressing UNITY, you can feel more relieved and revived.

  2. Spreads awareness about the importance for ‘life’ awareness.

    A lack of awareness for life is one of the most common mental issues of today. World Life Awareness Day is a great way to spread the word about UNITY and ONENESS and emphasize the importance of talking about it.

  3. It makes people feel better

    Talking about A UNIFIED FIELD makes it a normal thing. This makes people who often feel aloneness to feel free to talk about without fear or shame.


Year Date Day
2022 March 18 Friday
2023 March 18 Saturday
2024 March 18 Monday
2025 March 18 Tuesday
2026 March 18 Wednesday