One drop…..

…. yea, just one drop.

One drop from Wisdom’s fountain is enough to last a lifetime.

One sip from her cup satisfies the soul forever.

She was there before there was anything,

Invisible, transparant, unseen, yet from her brilliance all things

All that is, existed, unformed, as the noble thoughts of God.


….One drop. One drop of her potent virtue upon mind

Dissolves your worries fears and doubts.

Make friends with her whilst you can

‘Tis an opportunity you should not, must not, miss.

Miss her at your peril. Find her and hold her close,

She is thy saviour.


….One drop, is all you need, penetrating through bone and marrow,

Slowly filling every part, through the heart, until, reaching the soul

Makes it home,

And Peace be still.


…….. from Reflections on Wisdom, by Dawnecia Palmer, 2016