Life Universecity Graduation Day Ceremony – December 9th, 2017



My Lord Mayor, Mr John Hirst, Principal Debbie Croker, Bishop Richards, Helen Godfrey, Lana Mareno.  Distinguished Guests and Artists, Grandaunts of Life Universecity, Ladies, Gentlemen and Children.

It is my privilege to welcome you to this graduation and awards ceremony.

The graduation ceremony is one of the most memorable events in anybody’s life. This comes at the end of a 15 months Lessons and mindful preparations. This ceremony tells you that you are now prepared to restructure your life to put into practice the Principles taught, to achieve your life soul’s purpose.

I must remind you that you are a living soul and as such the most fortunate and powerful beings on planet Earth now. You are fortunate and powerful because you have the most amazing insights at your command which for many generations would not have had. It is important however that you ensure that you know that you are no longer in the dark, or too old, or too small, too few, or too late. You must pay attention that you are no longer of such a generation. And must be willing to use your power, and to maintain your conscious awareness, living from your soul, an eternal YES to The Magnificent Way. Because If you don’t, the things you learnt would soon fade like the sounds of drums in the distant yonder. It is now up to you to ensure that you use your insights for grander purposes, and do not allow this opportunity to slip away. You must be prepared to make what you would previously consider the impossible your moment. Every one of you, from the most basic of understanding of The Magnificent Way, may create a heavenly community and the planet as perhaps no one in your family or street or town or country has done before. You are the difference the world needs. You agreed to this when you came into this world, you were designed for magnificence, this is no cliché, there is genius in you. One person can make a difference. You came here to be your own Super Hero, and today you are mine.

Looking through the lens of our media and brain-mind, it could be said that there is so much wrong with the world; unemployment, poverty, killings, Brexit, unwise presidents, nuclear threats, bombings and so many infringements on societal harmony. But you can change it all. That’s what this graduation ceremony is all about. It tells you that you are ready to put what you have been studying into action. So, awake, arise and move upwards and forward pulled by a vision of a better day.  See a world around you where men and women boys and girls are more than matter or the sum of their parts. Life inhabiting individuals, essential goodness masquerading as the name by which we were called and known to date. And so, let the poor say I am rich and the weak say I am strong, and that which have been shrivelled and decayed return to life. How is this possible. Your conscious awareness, appreciation, gratitude, kindness and service will help to heal yourself from your past, inspire your present and motive the change you need to be.  Employ your natural gifts, use it upon others around you and watch them grow. Transcend your limitations through your daily mirrorwork and inner visioning and affirmations. And go.

Life Universecity is proud of you because made it through to this point, and will continue to be proud of you as I watch you put into practice the principles you have learnt, such as the MagniAlpha, to shape your language, and your outlook understanding and responses of the world around you. This is your power tool, and you can use it to make a difference however small each day

I ask that you all see LifeU as your alma mater. the place to stay connected, to keep in touch, grow and hopefully you will go on to year two the 2nd tier of your ever-expanding magnificence. I would also ask you to please pass on your learning of The Magnificent Way Principle’ through your Words and Deeds, to your families, friends, associates, and communities in the hope that the next generation will produce young ethical visionaries,  inspired entrepreneurs and consciously aware leaders who no longer judge a man or woman or child by what you look like or what you wear, the colour of their skin, or what school they went to, nor the area they grew up in, the job title they hold, or how much money they have, but rather, in the knowing that the Great Breath of Life is the same breath in al, and in sameness of breath is the essence of infinite intelligence, even that which navigates our atoms and protons, holding galaxies in space, the supply, weight, and pull, of gravity on earth.

And so, I close this speech by Congratulating you all for enrolling on the Course program and persevere over these 15 months to cross over the finish line.

Congratulations to all the family members who are present here to witness this unique moment of your souls’ journey. For their patience, understanding and acts of kindness. Abigail, babysitting, Joseph helping to make the Questionnaire more palatable, The under 5’s, little Ada and Chioma, spending hours and hours drawing, cutting out, glueing and basically ransacking the house seeking their mother’s attention as she wades through stacks of Homework.

I also Congratulate you our visitors and relatives, especially to Dwayne’s children, their Mum and friends, for being here today, to make this event memorable.

Let us give our combines best wishes for what they have achieved so far and for what lies ahead for them.

I have the great pleasure in declaring this Graduation and Awards Ceremony, open.

Thank you.




Processional/Graduation music         Pomp & Circumstances Sir Edward                                                                                                                                 Elgar

Opening Gong                                         Daphne Agatha

Invocation                                               Reverend Dawnecia Palmer

Students Salutatorian /Welcome        David Andre

The Readings                                           Life Students: Dorothy, Shuanna-lee,                                                                          Jemma

Chancellors Welcome & Opening Speech       Her Ladyship The Hon                                                                                                   Reverend D Palmer

Musical Ensemble                                                The Samuel Vocal Trio-                                                                                                  Shuannalee, Ada, Chioma

Commencement Speech Lord Mayor             My Lord Mayor of Bristol The                                                                                   Right Hon Cllr Lesley Alexander

Honorary Presentation of LULC Prestigious Outstanding Leadership Award My Lord Mayor of Bristol The Right Hon Cllr Lesley Alexander

Honoree Response/Speech                                  Mr John Hirst, CEO                                                                                                        Destination Bristol

Poetry                                                                      Miles Chambers, Bristol’s Poet                                                                                    Laurette

An alumnus Posthumous Award                      Donelle & Tarell Williams to                                                                                       collect Award on behalf dad                                                                                         Dwayne Williams.  Musical                                                                                         Tribute by best friends: fellow                                                                                     Life student, songwriter and                                                                                       Entrepreneur David Andre,                                                                                         and Intl artist Stephen Draper                                                                                     aka ‘Krazy’ of Wordlife Records

Short Oration Speech – Community              Mrs Debbie Coker, Principal,                                                                                      Fishponds Church of England                                                                                      Academy, and Ms Lana Mareno                                                                                  Founder Community Enterprise Rise Women

Presentation of Class                                            Dean, Life Universecity LC

Presentation of Certificates                               Mr John Hirst, and the Lord Mayor’s handshake

The Anthem, God Bless our Queen                  The audience will please stand

Benediction                                                           Bishop Joan Richards, Elohim                                                                                     Development Academy,                                                                                                 Nottinghamshire

Recessional – Edward Elgar March No.1       Please remain standing until                                                                                        Graduates have all finished the                                                                                  recessional

Thank you for sharing our special day with us!

P1080668 (2)

The Vision and Visionary of Life Universecity Life Course:

Life Universecity is a prestigious open faculty providing Soul Health Education, incorporating a Soul Health Clinic.

It is regarded as one of the 21st Century’s leading Faculties for Soul Health, Lifelong Learning, Personal-Development, and Wellbeing. Established in Bristol 2016 as Life Universecity LC (LULC) by visionary and founder Dawnecia Palmer, inspired by the radical ideas of The Magnificent Way Principles.

Her Ladyship, the Honorable Reverend Palmer, is the Universecity’s acting Chancellor, and presiding Dean. Educated at Bristol UWI/UNI, later with Birmingham, Exeter, Reading and University College London in the fields of Genomic Medicine – Epigenetics, Genome sequencing: Decoding the language of life and health. Making Babies in the 21st Century. Understanding Anxiety, depression, and CBT. The Good Brain, Bad Brain & Drug Origins. And Understanding Spirituality and Health, USA. Lady Palmer is also an ordained priest,  philanthropist, and entrepreneur.

The Life Course provides Soul HEALTH Education through the modality of The Magnificent Way Principle, using TMW Codecs and the framework of Epigenetics, daily affirmations, Breathology, Lifeosophy, mirror work, healthy eating, and certain specified physical exercises, to help Students access endless possibilities and achieve their highest potential.

Life University’s innovative Inner Visioning Practices ignites consciousness transformations, awakening the student’s inner capacity to realize, realign, and maintain, a healthy soul of spiritual wholeness, emotional balance, and physical health.

Here, we learn how to dream, and then learn how to wake up, to live the life we’ve been dreaming. Life students are given tools and skills to help us aspire to achieve inner magnificence, peace, and overall Wellbeing.  Off-campus support and encouragement are available throughout the Course, with provision for ongoing Alumni support.

Chancellor’s 2nd Speech before Presentation


 In the words of Gertrude Jekyll 1843-1932, ‘’There is no spot of ground, however arid, bare or ugly, that cannot be tamed into such a state as may give an impression of beauty and delight’’

And so it is that we get pulled up and drawn in by a Vision that is far bigger than our present paradigm. It is perhaps too high to start with, so very deep, wider than you could span with both arms, and certainly heavier than you can lift or feel that you could bear. The possibilities appear endless telling you it would be better to give up before you fall or make a fool of yourself.  Plus, it comes with and the brutal words you really don’t wish to hear ‘’you are too old for this game and you do not have enough, and you have failed before’’.

But Excellence, will call out to us and pull us up even when we are still feeling that we are not enough when our age number tell us we have passed our use by date, and have labels from having messed up. Excellence is every person’s Birthright. We all came here loaded and coded for Magnificence. Magnificence is success. Magnificence is Opportunity applied. Magnificence is God. As long as we have breath in your body, it is possible. As long as you have breath you have a chance.

 In the words of 21st Century writer: ‘’Our minds are that fertile ground in which if planted good seeds, nurtured in conscious awareness and watered by appreciation and gratitude, in time will produce a tranquil garden, a delightful dwelling place.’’ – Reverend Palmer 2017.

You can be comfortable, reasonably healthy and happy. These are the secret keys to Magnificence your perfect self-expression. LULC soul Health Education &n Soul Clinic simply supply of instructions, encouragement and support, because sometimes that is all it takes. Here at LifeU we believe that it is never too late, everyone can have a go, we offer the sort of Education that brings hope to mind, bones, and inner systems and soul.

Many started but couldn’t or did not make it to the finish line. It has been touch and it will continue to a challenge at times, but you are here today, though few in numbers, we can hear you and we celebrate you. We do not celebrate success by dozens but on an individual basis. One person can change the world for the better or worst.

P1080722Abraham Lincoln was one such person, who did not come from a wealthy home or have a great education and was not young when he started out but he started out, he had a go and He went on to become a great name of our times because of his willingness to listen to that higher call.

Meditate on the lessons learned, day and night until they shape your reality into the magnificence you already are. I thank the LM, Mr Hirst, Debbie Coker Principal, and all of you for coming out and sharing our special day with us. Your presence affirms to us that it was worth the work.

Now join with me in welcoming and celebrating our Graduands as they receive their Certification.


Life Universecity LC Alumnus

Dwayne Williams 1980 -2017

‘EX Morte Vita’

Forever alive in our thoughts




Award-winning Graduation Salmon Pasta Salad

Tri-coloured elbow macaroni pasta, freshly baked Salmon, sweetcorn, red green and yellow

bell peppers, young green broccoli florets sliced ripe black and green olives, spring onions,

butterbeans, red and white kidney beans, fresh mint, parsley herbs on a bed of crispy shredded lettuce

*Grated cheese, tasty homemade fish sauce, or sweet chili and dill sauce on the side*

Graduation Diplomas

Choice of tomato or spinach fajita tortillas spread over with

cracked black pepper cream cheese, and topped with chopped onions, sliced chicken, shredded cheese


or vegan option – vegan pate and chickpea slices, shredded

carrots. Rolls are then tied with a green or red ribbon to look

like a diploma!

Nature’s Finest Vegetable Salad

Crispy Romaine lettuce, shredded carrots, chopped celery, cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet red and

yellow baby tomatoes, red, green and yellow peppers, beetroot. baby corn and raisins

Yes Yes?… This magnificent Graduation ‘Fruit Table Display’ is a winner

Fresh strawberries, kiwi, red green and yellow melon, black and white grapes, pineapple, oranges,

peaches and blueberries

Individual Chocolate Graduation Hats treats for dessert

Non-alcoholic Celebration Wine, Sparkling Fruit juice sodas, and fresh spring water