LU (Life Universecity) Life Church is a Global Spiritual Community Portal.

It is an Open non-judgmental, Interactive, eco-friendly transformational Soul Clinic online, a church without walls, it is your Church-on-the-go!

This Online Service is Segments created to be specifically helpful for those who lead a busy lifestyle and find it difficult to get to a regular in-person gathering. They are also particularly helpful for those that may be ‘shut-in’ due to disability, or for the new ‘seekers’ on the path to awakening and enlightenment.

The LU Life Church Segments are jam-packed with Fresh Thought LifeWords quotes Fresh Thought LifeWords songs and Fresh Thought Lifewords prayers. These all reveal the heart of God, remind delight, motivate ignite and awaken your awareness of your soul’s purpose, thus creating moments of delight on your amazing journey into Life. There will be lots of open opportunities to learn and practice the healing and transformative breathwork exercises as they are being taught.

Everyone is welcome to become a part of LU Life Church! We believe that ‘Your life matters, that every life matter, even as every single drop in and of the ocean matters!’ We also hold firmly that humanity and everything around us is of the ONE, Absolute, Magnificent LIFE!