When we think that we have been denied, abused, ill-treated, taken for granted, then, we either go low or set an intention to rise above.

When we go low we allow toxins to build up and multiply inside our system, clogging the arteries and shutting out the light, we lose our spark and illness ensue.

Whilst in our rising high, we invite the good endorphins to activate, sending messages across our systems to wake up, we become alert and highly motivated.

Image result for happy new year 2018 And so, this year, make an intention of keeping your vibrations high. Let nothing and  no one intimidate or shape your mode.

Steer your course to excel, to stay afloat, to stay awake.

Extend the wings of your imagination, the doorway to the heavenly realms of infinite possibilities. And step out into the open portal of self-forgiveness, and feel into the healing falls of divine grace and beauty, allowing it to bathe your senses.

Image result for happy new year 2018Create pockets of time within your day, each day, just to sit and appreciate the space that is you, taking in the awesome realisation that this is it. That this is all there really is, and here, surrender into this truth by letting go. Risk joy, it is possible. Risk rest, It is possible too.

Inhale deeply, and with your consciousness, of every fibre of your being, hold that breath in gratitude, for as long as you can, then, on your exhale feel yourself rise. Now say, “and so it is” – and so it is. Amen.

Penned by Dawnecia Palmer – Cleric, Soul Doctor & 21st-century Mystic

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Magnificence is knocking at the door of your soul

Open up, open up wide and shut out the noise of your mind

Rip down walls so carefully erected around your heart these many years

The time is now. It’s ok. Open up and let magnificence in.

Image result for get out noise It is your birthright, it is your destiny

Crafted in love, you were brought to earth to soar

Lay hold on yourSelf, you cannot fail

Underneath lay the eternal, invincible arms of love.


Image result for get out noiseYou were destined for greatness

You are magnificent.


Who dares win…

The path of magnificence is open to all, Eligibility is our life’s breath. Daily making space within our cluttered minds to entertain silence is the fiercest exercise we must undertake.

This is no place for the fainthearted or disillusioned ego filled backbenchers, but for brave men and women, boys and girls. Eager to soar from the plains inhibited below, they soar high above the terrains of doubts or fears or guilt and pride.

Up and Up they rise Image result for brillianceand shine. Shining as the noonday sun on crystal clear, their magnificence beaming, streaming, every cloud dismissed. The mist too has taken wings and flown away, no more caught in the imaginative gaze. The gloom has passed and everything is never so clear.

Just a little further…..how far must I go you say? How high must I jump? Why must I wait? To these and more shout “Begone” and take the stand. Stand up for that which is yours by divine right. It is our birthright. Our legacy, yours, and mine.

Magnificence is the way, the light, and life. A truth that you must not deny. Go on then, take up thy cross, thy excuses no more to follow, but to the podium of faith, your crown of well-done awaits. Amen.



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2017 New Year’s Message

May Magnificence find an open sign at your soul’s door and may on entering in finds a welcome, and on dwelling there find a fully surrendered attendant, a humble steward, an open heart.

Image result for new year 2017No gold, diamonds nor pearls can compare to the strength, power, affluence, and influence, of the most powerful thing on above and beneath the earth… Life … and It is available and accessible to you in every breath.  May you become so conscious of your life, in each breath you inhale, for there you will find Magnificence, the life of God.

And that dear one is the supermagnifabulocious way to enjoy health and vitality, peace and love, abundance and favor in 2017.

Peace and Blessings to you, your household and all you do.

Reverend Dawnecia Palmer

The Path of Magnificence


Magnificence the very essence of your soul, silently it bids you comeImage result for magnificence

Bids you now to look away from the external clutter of distracting sounds of yesteryears,

And to simply turn within.

On turning within, you hear in gentlest of tones

What can only be described as the magnificence of one’s soul,

No sweeter sound hath the earth known.

And so, at this moment, you become totally aware, without judgment of any sort,

You know for a certainty that this is right, and you are home, as if for the very first time.

'The Path of Magnificence' written by Reverend Dawnecia Palmer, 28th September 2016

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Consider THIS…..

Consider this…how beautiful, absolutely wonderful, marvellous, excruciatingly magnificent is Life Itself. How powerful this truth is without dissection of judgement, fear and scrutiny. How gloriously magnificent is Life, O yes it is. It need none to speak Its praise. It is all sustaining, unending. Alive, neither death nor ending knowing. It is its alwaysness and wordless beauty which sweetens the soul. Consider this.

 – written by Dawnecia Palmer 5th July 2016

MAY: A time of Hope.


For me, May means Hope. May is a time for HOPE, and HOPE makes one unashamed.” – Quote by Reverend Dawnecia Palmer

How these words sink into the very depth of the soul, filling all empty spaces with this glorious entity call HOPE. Here is the entry way to eternal rest. This was the promise of Jesus, the Christ to the world then. But for us today, in the twenty-first century, this still rings true for us, we do find our rest in HOPE.

HOPE: Heaven’s Open Promise on Earth. In hope and through hope we have access to things eternal. And this is the peace. This is the rest. Right here and right now.

In this fifth month of each year, just before the half way stage, we get this stark reminder, as the month May. You may, I may, we may. It is possible. All things are possible to those who believe. It has been said, Take a leap of faith into the dark unknown. But I say to you today, Jump! Go ahead, take a leap of faith into the light of all-knowingness, into all goodness, which is already there within you.”

This is the shift that takes place when one chooses to let go of their what ifs and their incessant buts to enter into the glorious state of YES May, is the word that works on the subconscious levels to bring us the reality we are seeking. It is ok to say Yes, and the truth is, that you will never know until you do.

After much meditation on the idea of May as Hope, a
whole new realm opened up to me. It is significant that it is the fifth month. Five is significant on many fronts, examples: we speak about five senses of the body sight, hearing, smell, taste, and feeling. The five fingers of the hand. And five toes for the feet. I take in consideration and celebration those born without the full use of these faculties. There are also the five Elements of nature – Earth, air, water, fire, and ether or Air, fire, water, wood and metal.


In this way of seeing, and revealing, May then becomes a wonderful word of hope, a shift, spring time as grace, an unpredictable action, to spontaneous adventures.




Reverend Dawnecia Palmer, Life Alchemist and Soul Doctor, with The Soul Clinic Life Universecity LC


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