March has dawned! How quickly the days are passing, the new seemed to have only just begun and already we are on the threshold of the 3rd Month!

A Year of Grace it has been rumoured! I like this.  let’s each make it count!

Below is a list of a some Special Global Awareness days and Events we can expect for March 2022.


1       Zero Discrimination Day and Shove  Tuesday (Pancake Day)

2      Dr Seuss Day (USA) and Ash Wednesday

3      World Book Day and World Wildlife Day

6      Dentists Day (USA)

7       National Cereal Day (USA)

8       International Women’s Day

9       No Smoking Day (UK)

10      World Kidney Day, International day of women Judges and International Schools Meals Day

16     Purim

17      St Patrick’s  Day

18      1st TMW Day (Equality Day in recognition that the LIFE that lives each person is the LIFE of God)

18       Mid-Sha’ban Day, World Sleep Day,  and Global Recycling Day

20      Spring Equinox Begins, World Oral Health and

20       International Day of Happiness

21       World Down Syndrome Day 2022 , World Poetry Day and International Day of Forests

21       International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination

22      World Water Day

23       World Meteorological Day and National Day of Reflection (UK)

24       World TB Day

25       International Day of Remembrance of Slavery Victims and the                              Transatlantic Slave Trade

25        Wear a hat Day (UK)

26        Purple Day for Epilepsy (Canada & UK)

27        World Theatre Day and Mother’s Day Mothering Sunday (UK)

30        World Bipolar Day

Please Check out link below for a Special Prayer of Peace for March


Hello March written by Lady Dawnecia Palmer