Welcome November 2022!

November 11th Month on the Gregorian Calendar, is second to last month of the year. It is the last month of fall in the Northern Hemisphere, also the last of the four months with 30days. On the Romulus Calendar 750BC it was the ninth month, then named  ‘novem’ which in Latin means nine.  Topaz and Citrine are colours associated with this month.

Metaphysically November acts as season for us to re-evaluate and refocus, so that we might best realign ourselves. The number 11 represents intuition, and a higher level of consciousness as well and the end of a fall cycle, wherein, we can raise our inner vibrations, re-discover, and re-energize ourselves, to meet our best potentialities.

Here is a short list of November’s Special Days, National & International Awareness Days.


1          World Vegan Day 2022  UK/National Brush Day USA/All Saints Day

2          National Stress Awareness Day UK/All Souls Day UK

3            National Sandwich Day UK/National Men Make Dinner Day USA

4          Start of a five day National Spa Week

5          Guy Fawkes Night  – Bonfire Night

6          National Nachos Day USA/Saxophone Day

7          Start of International Stress Awareness Week/ Children Book Week  starts USA

8         International Day of Radiology/World Radiography Day

10        Remembrance Sunday UK

11          International Social Media Kindness Day/Armistice Day

11          Remembrance Day/Veterans’ Day

13         World KINDNESS DAY/start of American Education Week

14         World Diabetes Day/ Start a four day Anti-Bullying Week UK

14         World Nursery Rhyme Week/Road safety Week UK /Odd Socks Day

15         National Fast Food Day

16         World COPD Awareness Day/Book week Scotland/  Tolerance Day UK

17          World Peace day/World Prematurity Day

18         Children in Need Appeal UK/Apple Cider Day

19         International Men’s Day/World Toilet Day UK/National Adoption USA

20        Universal Children’s Day

21         World Television Day/World HELLO Day/FIFA World Cup 2022 starts

22         Ocean of Plastic Day (spotlight on plastic pollution)

23          National Adoption Day USA

24         Thanksgiving UAS/ Carers Rights Day UK

25         International Day for the Eradication of Violence against Women

25          Black Friday/16 Days of action against Domestic Violence Int’l

27          National Tree Week begins UK

30         St. Andrews Day UK

OCTOBER: Special Days, Holidays, and International Awareness Days

October, wetter cooler days and nights, yet a time we get to once again behold the beautiful fall of  multi-coloured  autumn leaves on the ground.

October tenth month of the year, comes from an old Latin word Octo which literally translates eight, was the eight month in the old Calendar of Romulus c..750 B C. It was also called Winterfylleth by the Saxons, meaning fullness of winter, as it sets us up in preparation for the colder, darker months ahead.

Colours associated with October are opal and tourmaline.

Metaphysically October is a time for spirit soul body balance, to set a higher, more conscious intention, on how we wish to show up and express on the planet, and within the sphere of our day to day experiences.

Below is a short listing of a few Awareness Days and Events taking place over the course of the month, nationally and Globally.

1       Coffee Day

2       Grandparents Day UK

4        Yom Kippur + 1 day

5       World Smile Day/World Teachers Day

9       Sukkot + 7 days

10      World Mental Health Day/Columbus Day USA/Native American day

12       International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction

13       World Sight Day

15        World Singing Day & World Sweetest Day USA

16        World Food Day

17         World Child Poverty Day/International Eradication of Poverty Day

21        Trafalgar Day UK

24       United Nations day

25       Diwali/World Opera Day

30       British Summertime Ends

31        Halloween


September 2022

September 7th or 9th month? September has as its base Septem meaning seven in Latin. Seven representing heavenly and divine. Later it became the 9th month when two months were added to the then Calendar. Nine representing wisdom and a season of vast possibilities. Nine letters in its name!

Sapphire Meaning, Powers and History September The deep blue tone of sapphire its colour!

Perfect September Quotes for 2022 | Routinely NomadicSeptember  ending of the warm months and the beginning towards the much cooler. A change in seasons and therefore energies as well. O how we needs refresh ourselves, revitalizes our energies. As we allow what has served its time to fall,  we give space to shed,  reassess, and revitalise.

Still September - The Mortimer Arms Paultons Park New ForestSeptember 2022, what is certain is that you are alive and a part of it, and this make for a great celebration!  Another thing that is certain, is that each day is absolutely unique; it has never been here before, and never shall be again! So live and enjoy each day with glee, and celebration, with gratitude of heart and thanksgiving  etched in your soul.  May it be for you a Happy, happy September each and everyday!!!  written by ~ Lady Dawnecia Palmer




"Like the warmth of the  August Sunshine Eve 

May the Light and  Glow of lovely thoughts  

Linger and reside in hearts all day." ~ Lady Dawnecia Palmer

There is something about August that raises hope,  and generates a sense of fun and celebration; perhaps it is because we are heading towards  the last days of expected sunny days as the year rolls over to the darker cooler season.

August, illustrious, hallowed, distinguished eminent, respected, venerable are some descriptive meaning for the word august, also used as title for Roman Emperors.

August so named by the Emperor Augustus. He decide to name the month after himself.


JULY International Days

Superb! July a festive month, season of sun and fun, holidays and sand, barbecue picnics, and fireworks!  

The month was so was named in honour of Julius Caesar, it was his birth month, renamed July when he died.

The lovely Larkspur & Water Lily are July's flowers, and Ruby red its colour.

The Month of July usually associates the spirit of joy of spirit, meditation and reflection. ~ Lady DP,2022

Here is a line up of some dates for you.. Best 4th of July sales 2022 | TechRadar

1       International Reggae Day

2       World UFO day

4      Independence Day  – America

7      World Chocolate Day

10     Eid -al- Ada

11     World Population Day

12      World Paper Bag Awareness Day

15      Would Youth Skills Day

17      World day for International  Justice

18      Nelson Mandela International Day

20      World Chess Day

25      World Drowning Prevention Day

28      World nature Conservation day/WHO World Hepatitis Day

30      International day of Friendship

31       World Day Against Trafficking of persons

Hello everyone! A very warm welcome to you all! The videos I have chosen for this post are: A Just for Laughs G… | July quotes, Welcome july, Happy new month quotes


June is HERE!

As we welcome June with glee, the stalk realization that we are already at the half-way point in the year! How quickly time is passing us by, we hardly get through a single day list of chores,  must do’s  and should do’s before the other is upon us!

June, the beginning month to Summer 2022, I am totally excited, and looking forward to sun, and sea, swim and sand, and picnics in the park!

Here below are a few June events, National, and International Special Days


1      World Milk Day

3       World Bicycle Day

5      World Environment Day

7       World Caring Day

12      World Day Against Child labour

14       World Blood Donor Day

15      Magna Carta Day

18      International Picnic Day

19      /Father’s Day World Sickle Cell Day

20       World Refuge Day

21        International T-Shirt Day – First Day of Summer 2022/World                               Music Day, World Peace & Prayer Day

23      International Olympics Day

26      International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

Happy June! Stay Safe!!




May has arrived!! Special National and International Holidays and World Days


May Day 2022: What Is May Day? Traditions and Lore of May 1st | The Old Farmer's Almanac

May speaks of possibilities. Fifth Month on the Gregorian Calendar. Named after Maia a Roman Goddess. Meaning more likely to happen, wished for, permission.


1     May Day

2     Eid al-Fitr

3     World Laughter Day/International Gilbert & Sullivan Day/World Press               Freedom Day

5     Europe  Day

7     World Fair Trade Day

8     Mother’s Day

12     International Nurses Day

15     National Children’s Day Uk

16     Love a Tree Day

18     National Numeracy Day/International Museum Day

20     World Bee Day

21     World Cultural Diversity

22     International Day for Biological Diversity

23     World Turtle Day / Water Saving Week 23th – 27th

25     Africa Day

28     International Hamburger Day/Amnesty International Day                                       International Jazz Day

30     Memorial Day

31     World No Tobacco Day

A Prayer for May 2022 written by Lady Dawnecia Palmer

May dreams be realised, fulfilled

May Light and Love find home in hearts and souls

May weary bodies revived, strengthened, revived

May each be granted chance to start again, renewed

May Peace enter, stay forever, peace-filled, peaceFULL

May seeds of Kindness bud, blossom, bloom, and its flowers share

May awareness of God as LIFE living within each breath

May Gratitude, Appreciation, and Thanksgiving sing

May one word, one thought, change our whole world.



Welcome APRIL!

Each Month bring its own unique joys, wonders, and special dates for us to remember and celebrate. April is however a ‘special’ as it opens up buds to flowers, blooms which have been hibernating now unfold, vibrate colours, intoxicating fragrances fill the air, in this season, we name Spring!  Spring the Season of freshness, and new beginnings.

April comes from word Latin “Aperire” means To Open. It is the first of the brighter Months, beginning of Spring, first of the two “A” months in the year, as well the first of four 30 days Month.

April’s child

“Persons born in April is said to be very energetic and active. They have a great love for food, reading and travel. April folk laugh, and being full of life, they are fun to be around.  Queen Elizabeth II and Shakespeare share this birthday. Some say is sacred to goddess Venus.”

Special  Events & Awareness Days  

 1     International Children Book Day
2     Start of Ramadan/world Autism Day
7     World Health Day
15    Good Friday/World Art Day
16   1st PEACEMAKERS Global Peace Meditation Mile Walk
17    Easter
18    World Heritage day
22    International Mother Earth Day
23    St Georges Day/World Book & Copyright Day
27    National Freedom Day South Africa/ International Guide Dog         day
30    International Jazz Day

A Prayer for April

Lord of Love, Lord of Light, Lord that is Life, and Life Lord

In this Season of new  ‘Openings’

Open afresh for us, new opportunities,

And chance, to bloom, and flower.

Water us, with the sweet fragrance of Presence 

So that we may spring up once more,

Fully alive, full of vigour, full of Praise!

This, my April Prayer. Amen. Ameen. Ashay.

~ written by Reverend Dr Dawnecia Palmer


March has dawned! How quickly the days are passing, the new seemed to have only just begun and already we are on the threshold of the 3rd Month!

A Year of Grace it has been rumoured! I like this.  let’s each make it count!

Below is a list of a some Special Global Awareness days and Events we can expect for March 2022.


1       Zero Discrimination Day and Shove  Tuesday (Pancake Day)

2      Dr Seuss Day (USA) and Ash Wednesday

3      World Book Day and World Wildlife Day

6      Dentists Day (USA)

7       National Cereal Day (USA)

8       International Women’s Day

9       No Smoking Day (UK)

10      World Kidney Day, International day of women Judges and International Schools Meals Day

16     Purim

17      St Patrick’s  Day

18      1st TMW Day (Equality Day in recognition that the LIFE that lives each person is the LIFE of God)

18       Mid-Sha’ban Day, World Sleep Day,  and Global Recycling Day

20      Spring Equinox Begins, World Oral Health and

20       International Day of Happiness

21       World Down Syndrome Day 2022 , World Poetry Day and International Day of Forests

21       International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination

22      World Water Day

23       World Meteorological Day and National Day of Reflection (UK)

24       World TB Day

25       International Day of Remembrance of Slavery Victims and the                              Transatlantic Slave Trade

25        Wear a hat Day (UK)

26        Purple Day for Epilepsy (Canada & UK)

27        World Theatre Day and Mother’s Day Mothering Sunday (UK)

30        World Bipolar Day

Please Check out link below for a Special Prayer of Peace for March


Hello March written by Lady Dawnecia Palmer


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Free February Cliparts, Download Free February Cliparts png images, Free ClipArts on Clipart LibrarySo what are some of the  other goodies you can look forward to :

1       Chinese New Year

2      Winter Olympic Starts – Bejing

6      Zero tolerance on Female                        Genital Mutilations

7      World Interfaith Harmony Week begins

8      Safer Internet Day

10    World Pulse Day

14    St. Valentine’s Day  Free New Properties Of All Real - February 14 Clip Art | Full Size PNG Download | SeekPNG

17    Random Acts of Kindness Day

20    World Day of Social Justice

27     World NGO Day

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Free Dance Clip Art | LoveToKnowMay Love and Harmony find you to be an eager and willing dancing-partner on February’s Dance Floor!

 Premium Vector | Welcome february - firework - vector for greeting, new month  Hello February written by Lady Dawnecia Palmer