April Showers of Blessings

Watering beutiful flowers dafodills, sunburst and pouring water. April showersApril the opening of Spring, offering showers of blessings upon open hearts.

It is the month for remembrance of Easter and the Ressurection.


Eid Ka Chand Mubarak messages, photos and wishesIt is also the beginning of a month-long Ramadan culminating with Eid.


Free daisy Images, Pictures, and Royalty-Free Stock Photos - FreeImages.comIt is National Deaf History month, as well as World Health Day.


Happy woman enjoying her free time while lying on grass with daisies - MFF05707 - Mareen Fischinger/Westend61It is the celebration of ‘birth month’ for many with birthdays in April.

As well as other celebrations and remembrances, such as anniversaries and memorials.

But, whatever April held for you in bygone years, I am inviting you to seize each new day that you awake, with fresh, heartfelt celebration, appreciation, and gratitude.

Guide to April Savings - What to buy this month! - Real Housewives Clip Coupons | Arts month, Clip art, April morning workLife offers us a month-long shower of Blessings; blessings of every kind, for all who are open, and ready, to receive it.

Come then to the fount, with open hearts and souls, leaving behind the cluttered, suspicious, lamenting, mind; and the twisted, vindictive, wills.

700+ Best Daisies Photos · 100% Free Download · Pexels Stock PhotosFor here, at  April’s spring, joy awaits you.  Her lavish treasures to bathe, and soothe.

two human palms

And so as you enter in, may you find that the Month of April 2021 is for you a Month of fresh growth and moving forward in new and positive ways.

April Showers of Blessing written by Lady Dawnecia Palmer.





230,208 March Month Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStockThe winter months and the after-effects of the global pandemic of the past year have cast gloom and darkness over many people’s dreams hopes and aspirations, where some are feeling low and downcast, empty, lonely, and sad.

March clipart transparent background, March transparent background Transparent FREE for download on WebStockReview 2021A new season of Spring is upon us, ready to offer its fragrance through the lovely scents of budding blossoms, flowers opening their new petals, shrubs spreading green bushes, and fresh running streams, all for our healing and enjoyment.

Free download March Desktop Wallpaper Download Love Creative Blog  [1856x1161] for your Desktop, Mobile & Tablet | Explore 73+ March Desktop  Background | Free Desktop Calendar Wallpaper 2016, May Wallpaper for  Desktop,

The Periods of LOCKDOWN and SOCIAL DISTANCING have also caused many to feel lonely, isolated, and cut off. These feelings have had a negative, downward spiraling effect on the functions of the immune system, triggering even more stress.  For some, it has deeply impacted their mental capacity to cope. And if not dealt with now, could easily develop serious life-threatening illnesses.

Free March Clip Art with No Background - ClipartKeyThankfully there is Hope and good news. The Life that breathes us is the impersonal part of us, it our ability to function at our best. This Life source is the majestic energy-giving intelligence of our being, and one’s awareness of this Principle creates a powerful magnetic force, an internal healing tool, soul-elixir, cure for any malaise, situation or circumstance.'(TMW Principle, Life Universecity LC – Dr. D. Palmer h.c. 2015©)

So, during the month of March, March Free Clip Art Clipart Image Transparent Png - Month Transparent Background  March Clipart , Free Transparent Clipart - ClipartKeyand starting today, we will post a weekly Meditation which we hope you will find helpful to bring comfort, encouragement, and support, and which will allow healing to take place in the body, affairs of the mind, as well as create a better understanding of how to cope with everyday matters.

Week 1 Meditation - Listen-in

Find a quiet space for yourself. Set your alarm for 5 mins time. Then allow your whole body to relax, and relaxing into your seat until you are in a position that feels totally comfortable for you. Close your eyes, and Be very still. Now say to yourself, and repeat 3 or 4 times  "BE Still and Know, my breath is pure Life, and this pure Life is God."
Shut out all distaraction of sounds around and listen-in until all you are aware of is the sound of the intake and exhale of each breath. Try to take your attention off the breathing apparatus (body), instead give your full attention of the sound of the inflow of air as it enters, and conscious awareness as it is released. 
Keep listening-in until the alarm bell rings and ever so gently open your eyes. Immediately unpon opening your eyes and without any judgment to the meditation, say aloud and repeat 3 times:"I Know my breath is pure Life, I Know that this pure Life is God, all is well."
Week 1  Affirmation

"I am the I AM that is I am"
  • Article Composed and Written by Lady Dawnecia Palmer -1st march 2021

DECEMBER – A Christmas Meditation 2020


Whilst some might say that the month of December represents the entering of the darker months, and I for one must admit that in the past this would have been my persuasion too, however, today December, especially December 2020 represents the turning on lights. A turning on of light on all fronts.

Oh, how my heart warmed and sang when I saw the first set of Christmas lights, Christmas Tree Decorations | Free Stock Photo | LibreShotadorning the inside and outside of my next-door neighbour’s house. Flashing, twinkling, starry sparkles lit the windows, door panels, and roof hedges. Each set of lights creating a story.

The stories of the lights awakened my attention to view myself even as I am calling you to do today, to turn on the light of your own being. By doing this we will light each other’s world, and together flood the whole world with light.

There is no star that shines its brightest than the Northern Star. It is the star of hope. There is hope in this season we call Christmas – so long forgotten – but I re-member that it also represents hope in the form of an innocent baby lain in a manger.  The hope that this babe would one day grow up to be the Saviour for the world; from the tyranny of darkness, hopelessness, defeat, and death – to bring to them into the glorious liberty of light and love and life.

December 2020 is also the ending of the ravages of a pandemic that shook the core of our world. And some might wish to stop me here to ask if I am not listening to the news, and they would be right because I am not led by the news, I am led by the Now. I do truth not so many facts. And in the Now moment, the light of a new star is rising, its energy is lighting up December in my world.

My awareness of light rising out of my heart is the new star on the planet. And we are each capable of giving it recourse to brighten and sparkle each other’s world with hope and peace and joy.

Joy to the world thy light has come

As we each allow our lights to shine, we light our souls with love, and from our souls, a fire is lit.  Imagine a whole street of awakened individuals aware of this flame of love shining brightly within. Allow your imagination to grow, to grow beyond one street until it sees all the streets in your neighborhood, 1,000+ Free Flames & Fire Illustrations - Pixabaythis would be called a community of light. Then, if we would allow our awareness to continue, we would see the blazing flames of love lighting up and adjoining other communities, until it becomes a City of light.


As so by the continual practice of our own inner awareness of the light in our hearts we grow to become cities of light, and ultimately a nation, nations of light and love.

Here one could say all such seem like a dream, although I would beg to disagree, only because, to me, it sounds very much like an awakening to seeing a new possibility, an innovative way at envisioning ourselves, one another, and our world. Envision a big me and a big you, so much bigger than everything of the past, we become open to this NOW.

And in the present nowness, there is a release of infinite possibilities. Free Stock Photo 10838 God's Word Gives Light | freeimagesliveI can see countries adjoining countries of magnificent lights and fervor, Sons of God, harmonious splendor until the whole world is fully illumined, sparkling, dazzling, loving, hopeful at least so that there is kindness everywhere. I see this!

In my awareness, I see light for December 2020. I see that this light ushers in a brighter new day for many. I write many because there are the foolish and fear-filled dreamers, who shrink, restrict, and remain in the illusion of their inner darkened world etched with impossibilities, seeing, and speaking and heeding stories of want, lack, sickness, despair, and death.

December 2020, humanity’s greatest season. A season of hope is being realized, perhaps not on a basic human understanding of hope, but nonetheless, there is a grand momentum taking place on our planet right now.

Northern Lights Stars Sky - Free image on Pixabay“Arise from the shadows you who mourn as though there is reason to celebrate, and let those who are fearful remain as though there is no reason to hope. And so, let your light so shine within yourself and light your space for a brighter day and a brighter world.” Chapter 1, pg1 – The Book of Light, D. A. Palmer

Happy Hannukah                           December 10th – 18th

Happy Christmas                            December 25th

Happy Kwanza                                December 26th – 1st January


A Christmas Meditation was written by Lady Dawnecia Palmer



Kindness as Medicine

Here is a clarion call from life begging us to be kind to ourselves. And though this might seem like strange advice, nonetheless it a great one to heed right now.

We are living in unusual times, pandemics, lockdowns, masks, social distancing, fear, and an epidemic of sadness across the globe, where many are feeling rough, closed off, and shut-in.

We need a global solution today. There has been a desperate search for a cure, so far none has been found, and I strongly believe that it is because what we need will not be found outside of ourselves, but rather with humanity’s own inbuilt survival intervention.  And so many are saying ‘life is rough,’  however, life is awesome, incredible, amazing, magnificent, and kind.  But, if you are one of those caught up in the daily doses of negative news, and other fear-filled media, life will indeed appear unkind and hopeless.

So, if we each heeded the Call to be kind to ourselves, we would start to reflect on things which we often take for granted, such as, our breath. Each breath comes to us gently on the inhale, filling our lungs with fresh air, and a new opportunity to breathe again and again. This kindness allows us to be alive today. In such an awareness, we can then afford to be kind to ourselves, to be grateful, to hope, and to reach out.

Kindness to oneself in this conscious way creates a well-needed pause. It stirs the heart, enabling us to see and appreciate the goodness around us, amidst whatever bad is seemingly happening in the world at large.

Being kind to ourselves means that we are actually caring for ourselves, this causes us to feel better about ourselves and others. And as we become more mindful, we become less angry, less fearful, and more positive. Our immune systems tend to get stronger so that we are now better equipped internally to cope and manage in our external world.

Being kind to oneself means choosing to eat healthily,  drinking lots of water, doing regular exercise, getting enough sleep, rest, and fresh air.

Kind thoughts work like medicine and are good for one’s overall wellbeing. When we are kind to ourselves we disallow worry, fear, or doubt to influence our outlook and choices.

Kindness eliminates fatigue and antagonism. By doing small deliberate acts of kindness, we detoxify stress for ourselves, this helps to raise our vibration high above the threshold of unkindness and useless infertile arguments that often vexes one’s soul.

So as we endeavor towards spending more time in the practice of being kind to ourselves, we will begin to heal ourselves and to cultivate a mighty charge on the planet, towards harvesting healing for our world.

Written by Reverend Dawnecia Palmer, November 2020.


Life is always happening at the speed of kindness and love.

Life’s infinite intelligence, beauty, and magnificence, is played out on the platform of one’s soul.

And we experience this blissful life as we seek to live consciously from the soul.

Life is sending you a clarion call today.

Come! enter your rest.



Heavenly messages in the sky…

The Heavens declare                           the Glory of God

The Skies reflect the beauty of Life’s countenance

The Earth responds with a resounding YES!



Blog words inspired mainly by a collaboration of pictures by Mr. Anthony Kaspruk and Lady Dawnecia Palmer, cornfield kindly from Google pics

The Path of Magnificence

My Path of Magnificence is strewn with infinite possibilities

It is as wide as it is ongoing: no end in sight, having entered thereon.

There is no turning back, each step is a beauty-fullness realization of bliss: beauty in absolute

Here the soul sings “O to be this satisfied each and every day, surely this is the Magnificent Way.

Lady Dawnecia Palmer, August 2020


On the Pulse

White Cumulus Clouds In The Form Of Cotton Wool On A Blue Sky ...There is so much genuine natural beauty all around us.  The soft, fluffy, cotton-wool like clouds, like magic pieces of art against the backdrop of a tricolor blue sky. And the melodious, trickling sounds of a small creek cascading over rocks.

Humanity needs to pay attention to life’s invitation to take a break, to spend more time in nature, or we might easily miss those simple joys, which were created for our enjoyment, as a distraction from the mundane, and rest from the toils of work and business.

Nature was created for humanity, and not the other way around as some suppose. However, it is a matter of how we recalibrate our priorities in the choice of nature’s moments.

La Cascade" Waterfall, Man ,Ivory Coast - | Amazing Places |



Pandemic: How to Prevent An Outbreak (Netflix) review - is the flu ...Well to start with I wish to acknowledge that the title for our Post today is rather ambiguous especially as we are said in the season of a pandemic, with Government advised lockdowns in the UK  and most countries of our world.

But at the same time as the panic, the fears, and yes even deaths from this pandemic, I say, This is a season of Grace, Hope, Strength, and Love.

Does the message of grace give licence to sin? (Part 2) - The StandardGrace to feel protected. Hope to go on beyond what we are seeing and hearing taking place at ground level, hope to raise a belief within us that things will get better for us, and for our world.

Strength Quotes Captions For Instagram! - captionsgramStrength when all seems to be failing and we feel low and weak and like giving in.

Be a Strength-Based Parent - MindfulStrength to press into hope, and hope into a grace that is stable and able to lift us up, through and out.

Then, Love. It has been written that Love is the greatest of all. Where there were faith, hope, and love in question, Love came out trumps. Not that we should not hope, ancient texts tell us, ‘hope realized will never make us ashamed’. It also says if we have faith as small as the tiniest seed, we could use this tiny faith to move mountains, so faith is very, very important to have.

Print with text Love in cursive, black and white poster – desenio ...But Love takes us deep, to the lowest depths. It takes us high, to the highest height. And it takes us wide, to the widest expanse.

10 Ways to Make Her Fall in Love | eharmony AdviceAnd in all these extremities love is able to save, bless, keep, preserve, lift, shift, renew, and make whole, whatever the situation or circumstance.

You have happened by and reading this post today, Life wishes to gift you with Grace, Hope, Strength, and Love.  May you be lifted in a resolve to take hold on these Magnificent tributes Life offers us for our living today and into the future. Allow them to enter and wash over your soul.Hope Is the Thing with Feathers | Oxford Law Faculty Bless you.

Motivationtional words written by Lady Dawnecia Palmer, Divine Expressions 2020


Embrace 2020 as numerals representing Wholeness and Growth, Goodness and Contentment

Cast off then your yesterdays’ broken dreams with its memories of fears and doubts

The New Year holds out for you Opportunities to Thrive and to be-come the very Best version of yourself yet.

So seize the moment: Grab hold of it. Arise shine, your Light has come.

-  Lady Dawnecia Palmer