MARCH 2023

Here we are, arriving at the 3rd month of the New Year 2023, and it seems  but yesterday we were all celebrating the wonders of its beginning!

Now, as Spring approaches, there is an element of anticipation in the air,  darker days becoming lighter, a sign, and promise of  much warmer months ahead. Daffodils are already opening.  Young buds and tender shoots are also starting to pop up everywhere.

These are exciting times with many exciting events and celebratory days taking place, locally,  nationally, and Internationally. Below are a few reminder dates for you:


1      St David’s Day – Wales, UK/ Peanut Butter lovers Day  –  US

2      World Book Day, Old Stuff Day – UK / Employee Appreciation Day – US

3       World Day of Prayer

4      International HPV Awareness Day – human papillomavirus

6      Dentist’s Day -US/ Purim starts

7      National Cereal Day – US

8      International Women’s Day /National No Smoking Day – UK

9      World Kidney Day/International School Meals Day

12      Daylight saving – US

17      St Patrick’s Day/ World Sleep Day / Red Nose Day – UK

18      World Life Awareness Day/Global Recycling Day

19       Mother’s Day – UK

20       International Day of Happiness/National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness              Day/  World Oral Health Day

21       World Poetry Day/ International Day of Forests /World Down                                Syndrome Day/Shove Tuesday or Pancake Day

22      World water Day /Ash Wednesday/ Ramadan starts

23      World Meteorological Day /National Day of Reflection – UK

24      World TB Day /National Skipping Day

25      Functional Neurological Disorders  Awareness Day – UK

26     Purple Day – UK / British Summer times begins

27      World Theatre Day – UK

30      World Bipolar Day

31      Wear A Hat Day

A Prayer for March

~ by Lady Dawnecia Palmer

“Life as Light, in God, through goodness come to us, now. Lighting our days, and making clear the path for us to trod.

Moving from the dark of winter towards the brightness of Spring,  warm our hearts, still our fears, and delivers us from worry, hatred, blame, deceit, and many threatening dangers; which, oftentimes  blight our joy, hinder our peace, and disturb our rest.

As the new month of March begins, and planetary forces prepare to endorse environmental changes on our world;

Life as Light, ready us too, by stirring a deeper, keener awareness of what is possible, so that with open hearts and ready mind, allow your  kindness, love, and light, to fill our days and nights.

Let your brightness guide and lead, to heights of joy, and, unending realms of peace, till souls truly satisfied, in stillness rests. 

Amen. Ashay.”