LU (Life Universecity) Life Church is a Global Spiritual Community Portal.

An Open non-judgmental, Interactive, eco-friendly Transformational Soul Clinic, your church without walls.

LULC YouTube church-online is specifically helpful for people that cannot get out to the regular in-person gatherings, or persons that are ‘shut-in’ due to a disability, and for anyone on the path to spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

Each Segment is jam-packed with Fresh Thought LifeWords quotes, Fresh Thought LifeWords songs, and Fresh Thought LifeWords prayers, which reveals the heart of God, to remind, delight, motivate, ignite and awaken a deeper awareness to your soul’s purpose for your amazing journey into Life.

You will always find a ready welcome and lots of opportunities to learn and practice along with the transformative breathwork, meditations, and healing exercises as they are being taught.

Here at LU Life Church, we believe that you are priceless and that your life matter.

We believe that ‘Every life matter, even as every single drop in and of the ocean matter!’ We believe that humanity and everything around us is of the ONE, Absolute, Magnificent LIFE!

Our Segments are FREE and we do not collect donations on our videos, HOWEVER, we appreciate your kind donations and contributions which all go towards the preparation and maintenance of the site and ministry expenses.

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LU Life Church Segments are always available and readily accessible by on YouTube’s platform by Visiting us HERE LU LIFE CHURCH

Thank you for visiting with us.  We wish you Peace and Abundant Blessings.