Life Universecity LC Online Registration Form & PayPal Link

How to fill in the sections below:
  • Please use the Name section to add both your Name and Gender,
  • The Subject section for the list of dates and classes signing up for,
  • and the Message section to add your comments or inquiries.
***  Reminder of Class dates:-
  • First Term             [2023 OCT, NOV, DEC]                                                                           
  • Second Term        [2024 –   FEB, MARCH, APRIL]                                                               
  • Third Term           [2024 –  MAY, JUNE, JULY] 
  • Fourth Term         [2024 – SEPT, OCT, NOV, DEC}
  • Fifth Term             [2025- JAN, FEB, MARCH]
  • Sixth Term            [2025 -APRIL, MAY, JUNE, JULY]

NOTE: Class Payments  CLICK HERE  to PAY by PayPal directly to Life Universecity LC or PAY HERE VIA EVENTBRITE

**HEADS UP you may experience a series of security prompts on the PayPal site, this is to protect you so PLEASE persevere and log in again, and if the problem persists please feel free to email us at