Service In Honor of George Floyd Life 31st May 2020

This Segment is dedicated to honoring the life of the late George Floyd Sunday 31st May 2020

” It is every person’s ultimate right to breathe freely, but George’s was inhumanely denied. Today I am inviting people listening to the sound of my voice everywhere, to please join with me on the count of three to take a deep breath together, symbolizing the breath he was denied, then our exhale we will say his name, GEORGE FLOYD.”

She then went on to give the heartful speech (below) as one might expect to hear on Capitol Hill.

“I wish to dedicate today’s Service to the memory of Mr. George Floyd. He was like a promising young tree, tall and strong, with so much potential for this world. But, sadly, he was cut down too soon. Too soon to hear thousands say his name. Too soon to see thousands gather and march, and fight in and for his name. Too soon to see his people unite across cities and towns, countries, and planets. I say planets because I believe injustices such as these affect our whole galaxy.

Today we pay our respects to a young man that was brutally cut down before his time. And in the last minutes of his life, he did not curse, he did not utter a racist slur nor hate against his oppressor, but showed a dignity that says for me, You can sit on my body but you cannot arrest my soul. You can kill my body but you cannot kill my black pride. You can stop my body breathing but today others breathe for me”

Service conducted by Reverend Dr Dawnecia Palmer - Life Host, LU LIFE CHURCH 31/5/20