When is enough ENOUGH?

It is when you say it is. Enough is enough when you realize that you are.

You are enough. Go ahead and confirm that right now. Say it, “I am Enough.”

Now, close your outer eyes, and become very still as if to listen in appreciation to the sound of your own breathing. As you inhale through your nostrils feel into that tonality of deep gratitude. Hold it for just a few seconds more, then, release with a sensation of great relief, as if a great big bulk has been removed.

Take another deep breath, again with a feeling tonality of deep gratitude, this time you are going to add what I call a thoughtigram of ‘What if I am enough’ allowing the words and thought to merge on the in-breath. If and when you feel yourself becoming slightly uncomfortable, slowly begin to release the breath, out through your lips, becoming very aware, with great senseology ‘Sure, I am enough’

Staying in the moment for a few seconds more repeat steps 1 and 2. Then slowly open your eyelids, feel enough, hear through your inner ear your tune playing your lyrics ‘Honey, you are enough. Notice how you feel throughout your day and if you feel agitated, irritable, anger or getter low, stop and remember ‘I am enough’ or if it is a persistent negative you may need to use the mirror work technique, This is where you use a mirror as a tool to inspire and remotivate you. So, looking into your eyes through the mirror repeat to your reflection, ‘Honey, you are enough.’

You may wish to start your day using the above method, then watch yourself getting better and happier each day.

Decide to make ENOUGH your starting point TODAY!


                Written for your encouragement by Lady Dawnecia Palmer, December 2019