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 EthosConscious Awareness, Appreciation and Gratitude, Strength and Loyalty



Vision, Aims, and Values

Life Universecity LC is a prestigious open faculty providing Soul Health Wellbeing Education and Soul Clinic. It is regarded as one of the world’s leading Universecity for Spiritual Wholeness (Consciousness Transformation) and Wellbeing (self-enfoldment, empowerment, and lifelong personal development). All its students are welcome on equal terms.

LULC was established in the Bristol, West of England, by visionary/founder Her Ladyship The Hon Reverend Dawnecia Palmer AFP OBA  Dr.hc.(Wellness Studies ULC, USA) inspired by the radical ideas of The Magnificent Way Principle, Breathology, Breathomics and Lifeosophy the Science of Soulification

Life Universecity LC uses the modality of The Magnificent Way principle techniques combining breathwork, mindfulness, inner visioning, nutrition, and environmental behaviors as a way to realize a person’s fullest potential, achieve inner magnificence, peace, better health and wellbeing, and gain awareness of one’s own personal responsibility to help create a better Ecological Footprint, and to awaken one’s inner capacity to realize and maintain a healthy soul and body, emotional balance, and wellbeing.

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LULC operates in a global context and is committed to excellence, the promotion of presence, and oneness in our teaching, learning, and practice.  And as such Classes are open to all people regardless of age, former education, or none.

 Study 1: Students are given the opportunity to study higher academic topics such as: understanding the basic principles and mathematical structure of numerals and the corresponding philosophical effects on humanity, the formation of an alphabet, language, and how they influence human behaviors to form culture.
Study 2: Students are taught the very basics of biochemistry & physics, biology, environment and ecology, genetics, epigenetics and mindfulness, nutrition and physical exercises which boost the immune system and increase energy levels.

Individual Transformation = Global Solution

IMG-20171210-WA0030 (2)“At LULC you will begin to uncover to discover your infinite, limitless potential to live an amazing magnificent life every day. Here you will be taught new cutting-edge techniques tested and proven to expand one’s capacity to manage and ease physical and emotional pain.  You will gain wisdom and understanding to realize your confidence to help you face and manage difficult situations as they arise. Here you will develop the necessary skills by which you will be enabled to make the right choices every time and to operate as a beneficial presence that impacts and improve the environment and communities around you. At the end of the course, you should be equipped with the necessary skills and tools to help you create innovative ideas for successful enterprises providing stable employment, and a lucrative income.”  – Acting Chancellor


 " Life Universecity LC is a space to learn about the unlimited power of the breath, the awareness of the soul, and the purpose of the soul for wholeness and wellbeing.  Here students learn how these dynamics craft a sense of infinite wellbeing, experience wholeness to ultimately express magnificence as a way of life.
Simply! you get to wake up and live the Magnificent Life you’ve been dreaming" -  Dean

    LULC small crest
Symbols of LULC Crest and their energies and symbolic representations of students achievements

  • Escallop = A successful Commander, charge, leadership
  • Eagle = A person of action, noble nature, power, and strength.
  • Crown = Regal Authority. The three Crowns = Thought, Words, Deeds

Colours of the Crest and their values: 

  • GOLD = Generosity and Gratitude 
  • BLUE = Strength and Loyalty 
  • GREEN = Conscious Awareness and Appreciation

See what Students are saying:  HERE

*Course Requirements: Regular attendance 60%, Written responses, Written assignments 20%, Class discussions and revisions 20%. This is a fluid syllabus. LULC operates a rolling registration policy.

NB.  Year 3 Advanced Class will look at: conscious business structure, how to apply the principles as a lucrative enterprise in terms of employment and income etc.

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