LULC Syllabus 2021 – 2023

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Course Overview


Rev Dawnecia Palmer


Soul Health Education for Personal development and The Soul Health Clinic using the modality of The Magnificent Way principles, to awaken one’s inner capacity to realise, attain and maintain a healthy soul, emotional wholeness, and physical wellbeing.


+44 07508390298


Online Class, class integration, personal practise, feedback, homework & Exams


Office Location

Old Fishponds Library ,  Fishponds Road. Bristol. B16 3HU

  • To discover the infinite, limitless potential to live magnificent lives every day.
  • Learn cutting edge techniques to expand one’s capacity to manage and ease physical and emotional pain. Learn how thoughts affect our cells and genes and impact our actions.
  • To acquire the wisdom, understanding and confidence to face difficult situations, transcend, overcome, and transmute doubt, fear, lack, and limitation.
  • And obtain the necessary skills and tools to enable better decisions and right choices.

Course materials                        Handouts/selected texts

Required Qualifications          N/A

Course Schedule:  Terms 2 – 7   May 2021  to Dec 2023

APRIL, MAY, June 2021   
  • Understanding the Power of the Absolute for winning every time.
  • Operation HQ for physical and emotional strength.
  • TMW Prana Breath for greater vitality and strength.
July & August  summer Break – HOMEWORK

Biodiversity Fieldtrip Hill Nature Reserve

September, October, November, December
  • Sensory wellness through learning and engaging the other 11 senses for better life expression.
  • Divine Navigation Algorithm to eliminate toxins build up, create more energy, recognise and  safely manage Addictive and Compulsive behaviours.
  • Cybernetics in behavioural responses and adaptations for Wellbeing
December & January     Winter Break – HOMEWORK  

Fieldtrip  TBA

February, March, APRIL, MAY  2022
  • Introducing the Matrix Resolution 360°/TMW new Self-Empowerment coping mechanisms & techniques.
  • Understanding how your brain works – patterns and waves – Neuroplasticity effects on memory, crucial and critical response in decision making.
  • Theo-psychism Creating Capacity using  Absolute Theory.
  • At-One-Ment -Identifying enslavement concepts and causes of psychological damage and exploration of the Redemption processes of reformation to maintaining a personal sense of security.
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