Magnificence is knocking at the door of your soul

Open up, open up wide and shut out the noise of your mind

Rip down walls so carefully erected around your heart these many years

The time is now. It’s ok. Open up and let magnificence in.

Image result for get out noise It is your birthright, it is your destiny

Crafted in love, you were brought to earth to soar

Lay hold on yourSelf, you cannot fail

Underneath lay the eternal, invincible arms of love.


Image result for get out noiseYou were destined for greatness

You are magnificent.


The Soul Surrender

Life is always looking for a way to shine ITS magnificence through you, as you.

In the soul’s surrender there the light of the Divine shineth Its light, thy magnificence in form, for all the world to see.

Your doubts and fears of this exposure to illumination have been the cause of your pain and struggles all this while. Now, in the glow of this truth, allow all shadows to fall away, like a dismantled cloak from your shoulders, let it fall.

And so, Now, illumination as thy perfect light springs forth, as from night to day, impossibility to passability. We simply let it be, and so IT IS. Amen.

– Written by Dawnecia Palmer 2016 

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