On the Pulse

White Cumulus Clouds In The Form Of Cotton Wool On A Blue Sky ...There is so much genuine natural beauty all around us.  The soft, fluffy, cotton-wool like clouds, like magic pieces of art against the backdrop of a tricolor blue sky. And the melodious, trickling sounds of a small creek cascading over rocks.

Humanity needs to pay attention to life’s invitation to take a break, to spend more time in nature, or we might easily miss those simple joys, which were created for our enjoyment, as a distraction from the mundane, and rest from the toils of work and business.

Nature was created for humanity, and not the other way around as some suppose. However, it is a matter of how we recalibrate our priorities in the choice of nature’s moments.

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Pandemic: How to Prevent An Outbreak (Netflix) review - is the flu ...Well to start with I wish to acknowledge that the title for our Post today is rather ambiguous especially as we are said in the season of a pandemic, with Government advised lockdowns in the UK  and most countries of our world.

But at the same time as the panic, the fears, and yes even deaths from this pandemic, I say, This is a season of Grace, Hope, Strength, and Love.

Does the message of grace give licence to sin? (Part 2) - The StandardGrace to feel protected. Hope to go on beyond what we are seeing and hearing taking place at ground level, hope to raise a belief within us that things will get better for us, and for our world.

Strength Quotes Captions For Instagram! - captionsgramStrength when all seems to be failing and we feel low and weak and like giving in.

Be a Strength-Based Parent - MindfulStrength to press into hope, and hope into a grace that is stable and able to lift us up, through and out.

Then, Love. It has been written that Love is the greatest of all. Where there were faith, hope, and love in question, Love came out trumps. Not that we should not hope, ancient texts tell us, ‘hope realized will never make us ashamed’. It also says if we have faith as small as the tiniest seed, we could use this tiny faith to move mountains, so faith is very, very important to have.

Print with text Love in cursive, black and white poster – desenio ...But Love takes us deep, to the lowest depths. It takes us high, to the highest height. And it takes us wide, to the widest expanse.

10 Ways to Make Her Fall in Love | eharmony AdviceAnd in all these extremities love is able to save, bless, keep, preserve, lift, shift, renew, and make whole, whatever the situation or circumstance.

You have happened by and reading this post today, Life wishes to gift you with Grace, Hope, Strength, and Love.  May you be lifted in a resolve to take hold on these Magnificent tributes Life offers us for our living today and into the future. Allow them to enter and wash over your soul.Hope Is the Thing with Feathers | Oxford Law Faculty Bless you.

Motivationtional words written by Lady Dawnecia Palmer, Divine Expressions 2020


Embrace 2020 as numerals representing Wholeness and Growth, Goodness and Contentment

Cast off then your yesterdays’ broken dreams with its memories of fears and doubts

The New Year holds out for you Opportunities to Thrive and to be-come the very Best version of yourself yet.

So seize the moment: Grab hold of it. Arise shine, your Light has come.

-  Lady Dawnecia Palmer




Happiness – your Choice and Chance to glow

Sometimes Image result for happinessHappiness means abandoning oneself to saying YES      to Life as It is   – Dawnecia Palmer

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CLICK IN THIS LINK to listen to Bob Marley – Don’t Worry About a thing, every little thing gonna be alright (with lyrics)


March represents a season of fresh hope

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It seems like only yesterday we all said hello to the Month of January as the start of a new year, but already so many have encountered situations and circumstances that have them feeling like, “If only I could start all over again.” Now, If that is you, here is the good news “YOU CAN”. You can simply choose to start all over again. How? you may ask.  Well, one way would be to use the idea that like March which represents new hope for the fresh blooms springing forth from the cold, rough, dark, sleepy days. Even so, you will you allow yourself to feel into the idea of vitality budding from within, and hold that awareness until the wars subside; your new year has begun again, and soon your days will become lighter, and brighter.Image result for marchImage result for march

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Abundant life vs lots of Money

Jesus the Christ, reportedly said, “I have come that you might have life and that you may have it more abundantly.”  I would like to ask you to read the verse again, but perhaps a little slower this time around. And as you read I am asking you to please take notice if you find the mention of money or things. Of course, you will find that he did not and that there is not. There is not the slightest hint of money there. Yet, so many preachers and teachers, and people peddling their wares over the years have all used this verse to imply that the Master Teacher was talking about money.  But, he was not.

You and I know that Life carries no purse. Yet, it is the stuff by which everything is made, being uncontainable, lucid, unembellished, and of unmeasurable value.  It alone remains constant in an ever-changing, depreciating, world of form.

Money has the value-worth humanity ascribes it.  It has been said that money saves time, but many people spend their precious time trying to conserve it. And others are frustrated because the money they accumulated over time, is constantly being spent.  We find that the value of money fluctuates gets revised and changed with time. It is this exchangeable commodity of usefulness between peoples, and a means of creating and maintaining a balance in society.

Money has become a vehicle of exchange, a worldwide transportation for acquiring goods, service, and personal worth. And in some cases, money is the personal atlas by which a man may ignorantly map out for himself a world, organized around the amount of money he possesses. Eventually, he spends it all, but mostly he may leave it all.

Abundant life is limitless,  it is the birthright of each.  Abundant life is a state. Our conscious appreciation and gratitude for life in each breath is the opportunity life uses to realize abundance within, providing amazing experiences and expressions of life.

Festivals of Light in a Season of Darkness


November, December, Winter,  days are shorter, evenings darker, and depending on where you live, the weather is considerably colder too. Yet it is during this season that we most celebrate the rich luminosity of lights.  Image result for christmas lightFrom the oil lamps and candlelights of Diwali, fireworks on Bonfire night, the flickering glow of small tea lights hidden inside scary-faced pumpkins,  larger crackling fires of the Winter Solstice,  the nine-lights lampstands of Hanukkah, or the twinkling bulbs of Christmas, to the seven candles lit each day for the Sabba of Kwanzaa.

And so,  for any going through a restless dark night of the soul this winter, these festivals of lights are invitations to share in the warmth and glow of The Light and to brighten the path on the journey of Life.

At this juncture, let us call to mind that great Master Teacher who said, “I am the Light of the world.” It is this light that lights everyone at birth. And furthermore, we are told that we are the lights of a city set on a hill. We came here loaded with light. Therefore, comprehend your shine. And as we own our light, we shine a path for others to see and so find their way through the darkness.

– written by Reverend Dawnecia Palmer

The Call of Life

The call of life can be heard in each breath we take

But what really matters is how well we participate in its call.

Are we even aware of its coming and goings?

or are we simply wasting precious life moments in endless, mindless chatter and cares of this world?

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But, if we would hush for a moment, and, become very still, and listen

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Listen, without adding a story, we’d hear Life’s sweet call.

Just listen.


The call of Life - composed by Dawnecia Palmer, Dean, Life Universecity LC, 2018